At SendGrid, we were pleased with AppDirect’s thorough and thoughtful integration with us. We were impressed with AppDirect from the beginning as they came to our first meeting with an implementation that was almost completely fleshed out. It was clear that they had done their homework and looked at our APIs closely. They gave us great feedback that we incorporated into making the Reseller API even better for all our partners. In addition, they were extremely responsive in their communication, making the integration a smooth process.

The strength of our partnership is the level and depth of the integration between AppDirect and SendGrid. It goes well beyond an API. SendGrid is well represented as a product in their marketplace. The branding is well thought out, filled with options for customization to help us and sells customers on the benefits of our products in detailed ways. They had helpful feedback for us on our API, and they were welcoming and quick to respond when we had suggestions on their APIs and placement in the AppDirect community of marketplaces.

Integrating with AppDirect instantly added many more channels for SendGrid to sell our services. It multiplies our efforts, increases our reach and helps us achieve a core mission we have of getting SendGrid everywhere.

SendGrid Team
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