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To tell you how awesome SendGrid is, I’ll give you the background on our web app and the problems that SendGrid eliminated for us.

In early 2007, we launched, an accounting app for small, awesome businesses. One of its main features is the ability for users to send their customers’ proposals and invoices via email within the application.

For years we used our own SMTP server, which worked fine.  We did this because:

(1) When we launched LessAccounting, there was no Email As A Service

(2) It didn’t cost anything extra

(3) It worked

Running our own SMTP server wasn’t perfect, though. At least once a week, one of our customers would submit a customer support ticket saying their recipient told them they didn’t receive their invoice.

Before we switched to SendGrid, we’d report that issue as a bug to the development team. The dev team would investigate, which usually meant digging through logs, and report back their findings. This process of reporting “false bugs” would cost us a few hours of time from the dev team and from customer support.

Each week these false bug reports cost us a couple hundred dollars and diverted our focus from feature implementation. Plus it took several days to report back the non-issue to our user.

Here’s how SendGrid alleviated this issue for us:

The same false bugs are occasionally reported, but instead of spending dev time investigating them, our customer support agents log into SendGrid’s admin interface. They go to “Email Activity” and search for that customer’s email address. We’re able to see their sending history, any bounces, spam reports and blocks. We’re even able to tell our users if their customer has viewed the email they say we did not deliver.

“SendGrid gives me the features I need to give our customers better and faster support. I wish we moved to SendGrid years ago!” —Annette Fidelino, head of LessAccounting Support.

Allan is cofounder of the greatest accounting software in the galaxy. Fact: has saved thousands of business owners from the tyranny of bookkeeping. Allan loves long walks on the beach and building weird lamps.

Many thanks to Allan for sharing his story. If you are interested in learning more about how SendGrid can help you achieve better email delivery and customer satisfaction, contact us to request a demo.

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