The following is a guest post from Mark Edmondson of Guestfolio. Guestfolio is based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The company provides a seamless suite of Guest Relationship Management (GRM) tools-from customizable confirmation emails to post-stay surveys and newsletters to a dynamic Mobile Concierge trip planner. By engaging guests at key touch-points before, during, and after their stay and providing valuable insights into guest preferences and sentiment, Guestfolio helps hotels build guest satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately increasing revenues.

How Guestfolio uses email and why we chose SendGrid

“SendGrid stats allow us to give feedback to our clients on how well they’re engaging, and they love us for it.”

As a Guest Relationship Management (GRM) application, Guestfolio provides the Hotel & Hospitality Industry with customizable branded confirmation emails, post-stay surveys, newsletters, and a unique Mobile Concierge trip planner. Email is at the core of our services and of increasing importance in this industry. As such, our clients rely on us to send communications to their valued guests in a timely and reliable manner.

In 2011, we reached a point where our email volume was scaling up at 10% a month and our team was spending too many resources on managing email deliverability and performance issues. In our search for a scalable, transaction-based application that could help manage our delivery needs we found SendGrid; a great solution.

Moving our email delivery services over to SendGrid was simple and we could see the results immediately through the account dashboard. With SendGrid as a partner, we have eliminated our delivery maintenance overhead, and we can instead focus on providing value to our clients and their guests.

We are currently sending ~400,000 automated emails a month through SendGrid and expect to begin delivery of additional 100,000’s a month through our new newsletter service.

How SendGrid helps us provide our clients automation

Travelers expect their booking confirmations quickly, and we know we can rely on SendGrid being fast, robust, and worry-free.

We partner with many large PMS (property management system) providers such as Micros Opera, WebRezPro, RoomKey, RoomMaster 2000, Epitome and take over all automated email delivery for new reservations, updates, cancellations, pre-arrival greetings and post-stay surveys with beautiful, fully client-customizable responsive email templates.

We pride ourselves on providing hoteliers a way to engage their guests from the initial booking to the follow-up survey without having to worry about manually managing their client relationships.

How SendGrid lets Guestfolio provide unique ROI tracking for newsletters

Our new hotel newsletter service provides our clients with the ability to specifically target their guests with messaging based on a huge range of attributes including stay dates, rate codes, market segments, and survey scores or by their activity from previously sent campaigns. This flexibility means that the hotel can easily reach out to a segmented group of their guests with specific offers, increasing their successes way beyond that of traditional bulk newsletters.

We leverage the SendGrid Event API to give us real-time data on deliveries, opens, and click-through rates which we correlate with tracked reservations and thus calculate a direct ROI made on the back of newsletter delivery—an industry first.

Even for a small newsletter, insights into targeted offers can lead to incredible conversion results.

We use SendGrid metrics to build and display aggregated reports back to our hotel clients based on their guests’ pre and post-arrival activity, helping them improve their contact point marketing efforts, drive incremental revenue, and elevate in-house spending.

Thanks to SendGrid’s platform we can continue to provide excellent automated email service to our clients, and now with our new newsletter service, get event feedback in real-time to provide comprehensive reporting and segmentation back to our clients. Guestfolio is the only system in the hospitality industry providing this level of revenue tracking.

For more information on how you can take advantage of SendGrid’s robust APIs, download our free API Guide here.

About the author
Mark Edmondson is the Technical Director and Co-founder of Guestfolio. Based in the beautiful mountain resort town of Whistler, B.C., Mark embraces the outdoor lifestyle and regularly interacts with visitors from all over the globe. This gives a unique insight into how the smallest thing can enhance a guests’ stay, consistent with the Guestfolio philosophy and application that enables clients (from small boutique hotels to large international chains) to treat every guest as a VIP.

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