Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of our SendGrid App for iPhone and iPad, now on the App Store. SendGrid’s mobile app allows SendGrid customers to stay connected to their SendGrid account while on the go. With the app, they’ll be able to interact with the most critical features of their accounts in real time.

The new SendGrid app is a great tool for all our metrics-focused customers who want to access open, click, and unsubscribe rates any time they like. With the SendGrid app, customers can regularly share analytics and other metrics with their team and stay up to date on their email campaign performance.

Whether customers are in a team meeting or commuting home from work, the new SendGrid app makes it easy to immediately view email performance statistics, activity logs, and reporting information including blocks, spam, unsubscribes, and bounces on their iPhone or iPad.


With SendGrid’s mobile app, customers can:

  • View and search real-time delivery metrics (clicks, opens, bounces, etc.)
  • Manage unsubscribes and suppression lists
  • Search and troubleshoot by email address
  • Drill down to view subuser accounts
  • Export .csv files and share reports via email
  • Enable multi-user credentials for secure sign-in

Now, with SendGrid stats and performance at their fingertips, customers can troubleshoot and celebrate their successes whenever and wherever they like.

Note: The app does not support sending—a function most effective within the web-based account dashboard.

To get started, download the SendGrid app for free.

**UPDATE: SendGrid is now available for AndroidTM users as well. Download it on Google Play.TM

On the Product Marketing team at SendGrid, Cassie is inspired by her frequent conversations with developers and marketers, all of which help to influence the SendGrid product direction as well as how we communicate and deliver our products.