Earlier this year, we launched SendGrid for Agencies to help address the unique set of challenges agencies face in the market, such as managing multiple accounts, fragmented reporting, incentives and lack of support. Our goal was to develop a better system that agencies could leverage while enhancing our platform to more effectively support their needs.

While we’re thrilled with the early traction the program has seen, we’re even more proud of the work of some our partners. Today, we’re rolling out three new partner success stories that illustrate how SendGrid makes it easier for our agency partners to focus on their strengths.

A few of the key challenges that we highlighted when we developed this program were:

Ease of Use

While email communication is a critical component of almost every app and website built, it can be extremely complicated. Fran Thomas, Co-Founder and Technical Director at cloudThing knew that managing email effectively can be resource intensive, “there’s so much to think about to ensure successful delivery of emails.” cloudThing, and hundreds of other agencies like them want to focus on two things: their clients and doing what they do best.

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With that in mind, SendGrid for Agencies now powers all the email communication for cloudThing apps. Since they’ve started running SendGrid, they’ve experienced 97%+ delivery rates and spent a lot more time building apps that delight their clients.

Flexible and Scalable APIs

Email has become an essential tool for retail and commerce companies to drive both awareness and conversion. Consumers have evolved though, and personalization expectations are higher than ever with the brands we choose to work with. The best agencies have responded by developing advanced strategies and custom campaign management tools to drive engagement with their client’s customer base. Neticon, a digital agency based in Italy, used SendGrid to do just that.

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Diana Avelar, Head of Digital Marketing and her team, leveraged the SendGrid APIs and Webhook that enabled them to build a tool with real-time profile enrichment, satellite templating, and feedback processing with automatic suppressions. SendGrid’s ability to scale has empowered Neticon to send over 100 million emails per year across their clients.

Multi-tenant Structure and Reporting

Brands aren’t the only ones who have to make build vs. buy decisions. Many development companies or system integrators are faced with the choice to build their own in-house SMTP server, or to outsource. Multimedium, a Belgium-based agency recently faced that decision. SendGrid’s ability to whitelabel, easily manage clients from one central location, and extended visibility into email performance, made it a no brainer. Multimedium now powers all their email through SendGrid, rarely facing issues—“It just works” says CEO Ben Brughmans.

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Want more? Our agency partners get access to exclusive content like our Email Benchmark Report for Agencies. AND, this fall, we’re coming to a city near you (hopefully). Attend our Agency Roadshow to learn more about email, find out where our experts think email is heading, and how to build your agency business with SendGrid….

New York City – Tuesday, October 31st
Boston – Tuesday, November 14th
Dallas – Thursday, December 7th

If the cities or dates don’t work for you, we’re just a phone call or email away. You can apply and talk with a Partner Success Manager today!

Elliot Goldwater
Elliot has been working in the digital marketing space for the past eight years and now leads SendGrid’s Business Development and Partner Ecosystem efforts. He and his team are focused on building relationships with best-of-breed technology partners and solution providers. Their goal is to grow a comprehensive ecosystem of partners and integrations that enable our customers to enhance and optimize their use of the SendGrid platform.