We’re happy to continue our VidGrid tutorial series in support of the release of our Marketing Email Service. This series will walk you through each step of creating your email marketing campaign to make sure that you have the best experience possible.

In this video, Customer Success Rep, Matt provides specific tips for using the unsubscribe and weblink code as part of your HTML. The weblink appears at the top of your email and gives recipients the opportunity to view your mail as a web page. What follows are important details for all of you HTML junkies!

Video Transcription

We are going to briefly go over what the weblink and unsubscribe tags are when creating a newsletter. When you get to the design step of the newsletter, you are able to pick a template that you would like to use or you can choose to use the drag and drop wizard or the HTML editor. All of the templates and the drag and drop wizard already include modules for the weblink so that your recipients can view this message in their browser. It’s here at the top and additionally it includes the unsubscribe link here at the bottom.

If you’d like to take a look at how that works you can just click the edit icon here, click on the link itself, and you can see that it is pointing to a weblink URL. So these ones are in here by default and you don’t have any way to delete those, but you are able to enter these tags elsewhere in your message if you would like to. So I just added one here in the middle to make it a little more obvious for users. When you view the message in your browser it just kind of looks like this. This is my test from this newsletter that we were just working on.

Now if you are working in the HTML editor, when you get to the design step you will notice that there already is a lot of code in here. This code is actually the weblink here at the top and the unsubscribe link here at the bottom. So one of the most common things that we run into is that our users will delete all of the code that’s in here thinking that it’s not needed, but what they are actually doing is deleting the weblink and the unsubscribe link so you just want to make sure that you leave those links in there and you can put your content here in the middle. When you preview these to view it in your browser, it’s going to look like this. And that’s it!

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