We’re happy to continue our VidGrid tutorial series in support of the release of our Marketing Email Service. This series walks you through each step of creating your email marketing campaign to make sure that you have the best experience possible.

In this installment, Kayla shows you the options to schedule your marketing email for delivery. Use this feature to ensure that your marketing email always sends on time.

Video Transcription

Once your newsletter has been created, the last step is to schedule your newsletter for sending. You can see that on step 4 you are on the review and schedule step.

The first step of reviewing is your recipient list. You can review here the number of recipients on your list and the recipient list name to ensure that you have the right list assigned.

Next is a simple review of what your newsletter design looks like. At the bottom of this page you are able to schedule your newsletter for sending. If before sending you would like to send a test out, you are able to do so here. You just enter in an email address or multiple email addresses that you’d like your test to go out to and send the test. Otherwise you can either choose to send your newsletter now or schedule your newsletter send.

Schedule Your Newsletter for Sending

If you’d like to schedule your newsletter send for a later date, you will choose the schedule option and input the date and time that you’d like the newsletter to go out. If you’d like to send your newsletter now, click the “send now” option and click the green “Finish” button. That will send your newsletter immediately.

If you would like to send it, you can click the “Confirm” button. If for any reason you would not like to send it immediately, you can click the “Cancel” button and go back. Once I click the confirm button, the newsletter will be sent out and you’ll receive this congratulations box. This lets you know that your newsletter has been successfully sent. And that is how you completely send a newsletter!

Stay tuned for two more installments in our VidGrid tutorial series: Understanding Marketing Statistics and Managing Your Marketing Email Unsubscribe List.

For more information on SendGrid’s Marketing Email Service click here. And to access the whole VidGrid library click here.

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