We created the SendGrid API Guide to show you how to maximize the SendGrid platform using a host of available APIs that empower you to better manage your email program while ensuring your messages get delivered to your customers.Part of the beauty of the SendGrid platform is the easy integration into almost any system. Our flexible APIs were built by developers for developers so we pride ourselves on the many benefits that our platform provides – including inspiring our customers to be creative with their implementation.

Customers have found hundreds of ways to customize SendGrid to meet the needs of their organization. Companies such as Oh Life! Snap Engage, Catalog Choice, Lefora, and thousands more have interesting stories to tell about how our APIs helped improve efficiency and productivity. For example:

· NudgeMail uses the Web API to perform robust email list management for increased control over their messages.

· TeamSnap uses the Event API to completely automate responses to bouncing email addresses and spam reports.

· Vanilla used the Parse API on its payment gateway to support “callbacks” so they could report on successful/failed payments, cancellations, and refunds.

To help share the love, we created the SendGrid API Guide to show you how to do more with your email using the APIs. Oftentimes all it takes is just a few lines of code, and with this guide, you’ll figure out the best way to send and receive mail, set up real-time notifications, receive information, send newsletters, set up subusers and resell SendGrid. You’ll not only get comprehensive overviews of each API, but also sample use cases, examples, tips and great ideas on how to customize the platform to meet your business needs.

With SendGrid APIs, the possibilities are endless and the results are always positive. Download the new SendGrid API Guide today.

SendGrid Team
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