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With any learning management system it is ideal to have private branding capabilities, and yet often times you don’t get that. With DigitalChalk, we continually work to allow our customers easy access to branding features. Our current features allow you to change the theme of your organization as well as uploading your company’s logo to the system, and now we’ve teamed up with SendGrid to allow email branding in conjunction with our notifications feature.

It’s an easy process that doesn’t require the user to be computer savvy or the need for a computer programmer – you just need to know how to create an account, check your email, and click a few buttons.

To begin the process, log into your DigitalChalk account and go to the “Administration” tab. From here, select the “Notifications” option from the left side menu – after selecting this, you will see an “Email Providers” option in the top left corner. Click this and you are taken to a page that has two tabs, a DigitalChalk tab and a SendGrid tab.

The DigitalChalk tab has information about what it does and how to set it up. The SendGrid tab is where you set up the emails on the DigitalChalk platform. To begin, click on the link given on the SendGrid tab to take you through the setup process inside your account with SendGrid.

Next is a three-step process:

1. Save: Enter your SendGrid login credentials you just created on the SendGrid website and click the “Save” button. Edit the email domain that recipients see when viewing their received email notification from DigitalChalk. Simply edit the “From Address” section under the SendGrid tab and hit the “Save” button and emails will now show the edited “From Address.”

2. Validate: After clicking the “Save” button, a “Validate” button will appear (to the right of “Save”). Click on the “Validate” button and a new window appears where you can enter an email address for the validation link to be sent. After doing this, you are immediately sent an email to the address you provided. Click on the validation link and a new browser window opens notifying you that it was successfully validated. Close this window and return to the SendGrid tab on the DigitalChalk platform.

*Helpful hint: Haven’t received the validation email from DigitalChalk? Use the “Failures” option above the “Email Providers” feature to make sure you are entering your correct SendGrid login information.

3. Activate: Once you have successfully validated the information, an “Activate” button will appear (next to “Validate”).  If you do not see the button, click the refresh in your browser and return to the SendGrid tab. Click the “Activate” button and you are ready to go!

View Your Stats

Want to see the metrics on emails that you have sent out? SendGrid has got you covered! In your SendGrid account, you can check out your “Stats Dashboard”–this allows you to see the number of emails sent and received, who opened the emails, and more! DigitalChalk integrates and utilizes some of the advanced features that SendGrid offers to add categories to the email and unique arguments into the SMTP headers for tracking purposes. This will allow you to get intimate details about the types of emails that your users are engaging with and to even watch and track a single email as it is processed, delivered, opened and even interacted with by the recipient.

There are not many learning management systems that allow you to send out customized email notifications, let alone customize the “from address” that users see in emails delivered. DigitalChalk and SendGrid work together to give your organization full control over what email notifications are sent out, viewing the metrics for emails sent out, and customizing the “from address.”

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