We’re strong believers in community building at SendGrid. That’s why we have a team of Developer Evangelists who focus on knowledge sharing and innovation within the tech and hacker community. And it’s why we sponsor civic-focused initiatives in the areas that we work.

But we also believe in giving back—because it’s not all about work. As part of our benefits package, we allocate a paid day (8 hours) of volunteering to all of our full time team members. Every SendGridder has a cause that’s important to them, so there are few parameters around where we can volunteer. Some ‘Gridders choose to volunteer solo, while others band together and make it a team effort. Recently, we’ve sent teams to help clean up Rocky Mountain National Park, volunteer at a local soup kitchen near Anaheim, and help build houses for Habitat for Humanity in Denver.

As we near the end of the year, we want to highlight some of the incredible organizations that our co-workers feel strongly about and share some insight on why each cause is important and how each SendGridder was affected by the experience.

Causes Supported By SendGridders

  • Flatirons Community Church Middle School Summer Camp
    •  “We had several students that were in or had been in the foster care system because their parents had done dangerous things. Seeing them get a week away from that and be normal kids and have fun without worrying about home life was really cool.” –A.J.
  •  Someone Cares Soup Kitchen
    •  “This experience really opened my eyes. It showed that my problems aren’t so big anymore. These people were so grateful to get this meal, and it really helped me to appreciate the things I have. I know I will be happy with what I have from now on.”  –Alyson
    •  “It was a very good experience and a privilege to be able to serve free food to people who cannot afford it. To see the satisfaction on their face, and how grateful they felt was worth every second spent there and more. —Suchit
  • Women’s Wilderness’ Annual Fundraising Event – Gear & Cheer
    •  “It’s amazing to know that your efforts will help support young girls to build their leadership skills through challenging outdoor wilderness experiences.” –Erika
  • Habitat for Humanity
    • “One of the soon to be homeowners was there working with us and it was a great reminder about how fortunate I have been. Taking time out to step outside of my world and focus on true life priorities.” –Tina
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
    • “It was nice spend time with fellow ‘Gridders who care about other causes outside of work. I feel a lot of us are living out here because we love the mountains and the nature Colorado has to offer…it just felt right to help make it a more pleasant place to live and visit by taking care of even just a small portion of the park.” –Tim
  • Clear Sky Elementary School
    •  “Kids want to help and really love being a part of their community.” –Vince
  • OpenWorld Learning
    •  “OWL’s mission is to ignite learning by introducing technology to schools and children who are in the most need of extra resources. I learned that the folks at OWL have a huge heart, are dedicated to what they are doing, and passionate about making a change.” –Josh A

We all feel very fortunate to be working in jobs that we enjoy and we hope that we’ve been able to bring a bit of that positivity and drive to these inspiring organizations. As our team continues to grow, we hope to see even more participation in 2014. So if you are a local organization in the Denver/Boulder and Anaheim areas and could use some extra hands, please reach out to us at hr@sendgrid.com and we’ll happily share your story with our team.


Jessy has nearly 10 years of experience in HR and recruiting. She is passionate about culture and employee satisfaction and how they bring value to a company. Outside of work, Jessy loves the mountains, travel, food, and continual learning.