Last week, we sent a few SendGrid’ers to the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon and Conference in San Fransisco. This was our first time attending and/or sponsoring a big conference geared specifically towards startups, bringing back that boot strappin’ startup feel within the team.

Over the weekend, a few of our developers taught a bunch of hackers about our APIs, and observed as over a hundred people worked through the night to build apps that would eventually debut in a competition on Sunday afternoon. One cool example of an application built overnight using SendGrid’s Parse API is called, a web app designed to help clean out your email inbox – go check it out!

After all the hacking fun was over, we got down to business, as SendGrid was one of the sponsors of the Disrupt conference. This was an amazing experience for our team – we met existing customers, discovered cool new applications and businesses, and built new relationships with potential customers and partners.

However, the most awesome part of this experience was hearing straight from our customers, just how much they love our service. It feels good to know that we’re providing true value to others. It feels even better when the “others” are so passionate about our service that they say stuff like, “You guys %@&#ing Rock!”

We also took the opportunity to give people a sneak peak at our new site design, which is currently in beta. If you are a SendGrid user, you can access the new design today by logging into your account at, and clicking on the link at the top right that reads “Check out our new beta site.” If you are not a user, you’ll be able to poke around in a week or so, but if you just can’t wait until then, visit our flickr page to view some screenshots.

Oh yeah, almost forgot the highlight of the entire week: we saw MC Hammer perform at one of the after-parties hosted by Google Ventures! And yes, we too are too legit to quit.

Director, Developer Relations at @SendGrid. Passionate about bringing people together around things they love. I tweet at @TimFalls.