As you all know, everyone’s favorite week of geeky debauchery is coming up again next March. SendGrid is excited to make the trip back to Austin for a second year – one that promises to be bigger and better than 2011 from our perspective.

While we have a whole lotta awesomeness in the works outside of the walls of the convention center (more to come on that front), we are also vying for several speaking spots during the conference. Panel Picker voting closes this Friday (midnight, central time), so take a moment to check out our submissions (linked below) and vote them up, if you’d love to hear more!

When your API is Your Product
Developer Relations for Dummies
Email: It’s Alive and Making Apps Stickier than Ever
Don’t Let SPAM Kill Your Conversions

Let us know your thoughts on these topics by commenting below.

We’ll keep you posted on all the other ways you can hang out with the SendGrid team at SX, as we get our plans all finalized and stuff.

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