The following is a guest post from Bill Reader, Corporate Marketing Director at NTH Consultants, Ltd. Bill is a SendGrid customer who utilized matchist to help him hire a freelance developer to implement SendGrid’s Event API. Matchist is a valued SendGrid partner that focuses on matching entrepreneurs to the right freelance developers to complete projects like API integrations.

How We Use Email

NTH Consultants, Ltd. is a consulting company based in Detroit specializing in geotechnical, environmental, and facilities engineering. Over the past two years, I’ve been putting together technical webinars for our company to help demonstrate our staff’s expertise and industry knowledge. I usually engage two of our engineers to present their best material, and we’re very cognizant not to do a “hard sell” of our services. I began recruiting for these events using one of the popular email marketing web-based services, but was quickly disappointed at the low number of people registering for our events. Figuring our clients and prospects might be tired of seeing professionally designed HTML e-blasts filling their email inboxes, I went in the other direction and built an email delivery system that made our emails look more personal—as if our professional staff were sending them out themselves. It worked. Now instead of 10-15 client registrations we’re getting a couple hundred for each event.

How We Use SendGrid and matchist

SendGrid has an easy way for me to download all emails that have bounced, blocked, opted-out, spam reported, and have invalid formats. However, they do not offer the ability for me to easily download a record of every email that has been delivered, opened, or clicked. SendGrid informed me that I could access this data using their Event API. Since I’m not a programmer, I struggled for about two weeks trying to understand APIs and just couldn’t get it working. Not even close.

SendGrid’s online chat support folks detected my frustration in trying to work with their Event API, and suggested I contact matchist. I was as weary of soliciting developer services over the web as I am taking my car to the shop for repairs. However, working through matchist to find Tallosoft, LLC, was surprisingly simple. Tallosoft responded extremely fast to my initial requests and spent time listening to my needs. I didn’t want to build the space shuttle, and they understood that. Before I knew it, Jacquie and Jc had the API done. If you ever get a chance to work with Jacquie and Jc at Tallosoft, LLC, do it. And tell them I said “hi.”

How SendGrid’s event API is benefitting me now

Now, since the Event API is working so well, I’ve built this cool online database that allows each of our professional staff to access their own email marketing database to see which of their clients are responding to “their” emails. They’ve become really engaged in the whole process and are even adding new records on their own.

Many thanks to Bill for sharing his experience.  For more information on how you can use matchist to integrate SendGrid’s APIs, click here.

Erika Berkland is the Partner Marketing Manager at SendGrid. Her background is in both emerging technology and global corporations where she thrives in working with partners to deliver impactful and measurable marketing programs. Outside of SendGrid, Erika enjoys spending time outdoors with all the great activities Colorado has to offer.