Today, we are thrilled to announce SendGrid’s achievement of becoming an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Advanced Partner in the AWS APN (Partner Network). This milestone represents a continuation of our commitment to the AWS platform and our customers.

The advanced status is one of the highest distinctions an APN Technology Partner can achieve and includes a rigorous evaluation process involving increased technical validation, a higher number of public client references, and a strong assessment in customer support.

Only a small number of companies achieve this status. However, our work isn’t done yet. We recently outlined SendGrid’s plan to aggressively expand its relationship with AWS as a strategic cloud partner. There are many more accomplishments we’d like to achieve as we remain laser-focused on driving digital conversations at scale by doing what we do best, delivering our customers’ email.

How we got here

SendGrid was born in the data center. Founded in 2009, our founders built an advanced private cloud to enable our customers to both reliably scale and consistently reach the inbox via our platform. We recently passed a major milestone, eclipsing 1 trillion emails sent since our humble beginnings.

What it means for you

As a customer-first focused business, this accreditation validates our commitment to being a technology leader, as well as our pledge to build best-of-breed services for our customers. Through our deepening relationship with AWS we’ll leverage the reach of AWS APN by our presence at the AWS global Summit Event series, the technology enablement advantages derived from elastic capabilities, and managed services to accelerate our product innovation while enhancing the support and services we provide to our customers.

Our strategic relationship with AWS is intended to positively impact our customers in several ways:

  • Accelerate product innovation and the development of new features for customers: By testing and validating new features, SendGrid is building a faster learning cycle.
  • Better serve customers who have significant volume variability in their sending: The AWS relationship provides additional capabilities to SendGrid for managing large customer volume spikes during key periods like Black Friday.
  • Enhance service to our international customers and support international expansion: AWS offers numerous data centers around the globe to enable SendGrid to minimize the physical distance with our customers, increase our responsiveness, and reduce our latency.

We’re excited to share more of our story at AWS re:Invent in November. Until then, we’re going to get back to work and continue to improve the world’s most trusted communications platform.

Elliot Goldwater
Elliot has been working in the digital marketing space for the past eight years and now leads SendGrid’s Business Development and Partner Ecosystem efforts. He and his team are focused on building relationships with best-of-breed technology partners and solution providers. Their goal is to grow a comprehensive ecosystem of partners and integrations that enable our customers to enhance and optimize their use of the SendGrid platform.