As our partners grow their businesses, they’re typically faced with an ever-increasing amount of challenges and complexities. SendGrid’s partnership program helps our partners overcome those challenges, as it relates to digital communications, to ultimately enhance and build their businesses.

SendGrid and SendCloud are excited to announce a strategic partnership that simplifies digital communication with customers into and out of China. SendCloud, born from the Wuhan R&D Center of Sohu, is one of the leading email and SMS providers in mainland China with more than 50,000 enterprise users, including Uber, ZhiHu,Youku, Samsung, Vivo, Daimler in China, and Dominos. With years of Chinese firewall expertise and customer support, SendCloud is uniquely positioned to support international senders as they begin to send email within China.

International Email Challenges

China’s online B2C market has grown immensely since 2006, and the number of digital shoppers has increased tenfold in that time from 30 to 300 million. In 2015, online B2C sales in China reached RMB (China’s official currency) 3.8 trillion and are expected to more than double by 2018. Engaging with potential customers in China has never been more important, but doing so can be complicated. Sending email efficiently in China requires extensive regulatory expertise, development know-how, and a scalable infrastructure to support growth.

With the launch of this partnership, SendGrid customers who want to engage with current and potential customers in China now have a trusted partner. Likewise, those SendCloud customers that are looking to expand internationally can now rely on the world’s first email delivery service that powers 1 billion emails every month.

View the KPMG Global China Practice, China Outlook 2016. If you’d like to learn more about the partnership or how you can work with our partners at SendCloud, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the SendGrid partner team or you Customer Success Manager.

Happy international sending!

Elliot has been working in the digital marketing space for the past eight years and now leads SendGrid’s Business Development and Partner Ecosystem efforts. He and his team are focused on building relationships with best-of-breed technology partners and solution providers. Their goal is to grow a comprehensive ecosystem of partners and integrations that enable our customers to enhance and optimize their use of the SendGrid platform.