Seasonal marketing isn’t just for major holidays like New Years, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving. It also covers holidays like Father’s Day. Our email inspiration today comes from our customer Fitbit, who’s showing Father’s Day some love with their email marketing! The email below not only follows many of the best practices we preach (clean design, one call to action, easy unsubscribe, and more), it also employs two powerful email marketing techniques: urgency and incentives.


By using the subject line “ENDS TODAY: Free Shipping for Father’s Day!” they immediately grab the attention of the recipient. I know I received an email with similar content to this one before, so by sending a “reminder” email, they can hopefully capture anyone who considered making a purchase, but moved on or got distracted. Also, using the body text “don’t miss your chance to make his day” pulls in an emotional appeal. It takes the call to action from “make a purchase” to “make his day.” It sounds a lot better right? Who want to miss out on making their dad’s day? Nobody.

***Just a quick note on using urgency as a tactic–it can get old fast. Don’t send a daily email exclaiming recipients will miss out on something if they don’t act now, otherwise you will ultimately be the one missing out on having them as a happy subscriber.


If you do this then you will receive this. By acting today you’ll gain a positive outcome–in this case by saving on shipping. To appeal to the cost conscious subscriber, an offer for free shipping may be all they need to click through to your site, shop your products, and make a purchase. Additional incentives you often see in email include a certain percent off of an order with a coupon code or a gift with purchase after their cart reaches X amount.

Fitbit understands holidays can sneak up on anyone, so not only are they doing their customers a favor by simply reminding them, they are also giving their recipients an easy solution to a potential problem. By using the tactic combination of urgency and incentives, Fitbit will get the sale and their customers become dad’s favorite child. Win, win!

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Kate Schmeisser
When Kate isn't trying to teach herself the ukelele, make it through the mountain of books on her nightstand, or figure out if they are actually being serious about suggested serving sizes on ice cream, she is the Creative Content Manager.