Welcome back! We have been working hard to deliver new innovations and enhancements – all backed by a solid foundation. In the past month we have added more developers and QA staff to help us provide you with the best possible product, service and support. In this post we’ll discuss newly released features, recently squashed bugs and the status on upcoming features.

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Bounce Management Front End

This feature allows you to automatically purge hard and/or soft bounce records from SendGrid after a specified number of days.

You can also forward bounces to an email of your choice.

Bug Fixes

Statistics Calculation Fixes

We have fixed several bugs related to the way statistics were calculated. Here is a quick run down:

  • – Percentages for the table view are now calculated from the total delivered statistic instead of the total sent statistic.
  • – Fixed a discrepancy in the percentage reported in the delivery rate alert email and the website.
  • – Resolved an issue in the graph view, where incorrect data was shown when hovering over a data point.
  • – Fixed calculation issue when viewing Newsletter subuser statistics.
  • – Added two decimal places to certain statistics on the graph and table view.
  • – Fixed some cases where percentages should have been calculated against the number of emails delivered instead of the number of requests.

Activation Email Issue Fixed

Account activation is now better streamlined. We updated the process to remove previous confusion due to the wording.

Coupon Issue Fixed

Coupon validation has been made much easier. No need to click on Check Coupon button anymore.

Coming Soon

In the last release notes post we gave you a sneak peek at our Searchable Logs and Newsletter Flow enhancements. These two features are just around the corner. For the latest, follow us on Twitter.


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Elmer Thomas is SendGrid's Developer Experience Engineer. His mission is to help SendGrid live up to its slogan: "Email Delivery. Simplified" by improving the lives of developers, both internally and externally. Via all sorts of hackery, of course. Follow his exploits on Twitter and GitHub.