Starting with this post, our goal is to provide regular updates with feature releases and bug fixes. If you wish to specifically follow these updates, you can subscribe using this RSS feed. For real time updates and system status, you can follow our Twitter feed.

In addition to the Features and Fixes outlined below, we are continuously updating our infrastructure with the goals of increasing email deliverability and maintaining the highest possible level of customer support.


Emailed Statistics Snapshot

Previously, we released a configurable Email Alert System, and now we have extended that functionality to include Email Statistics. So head on over to the Account->Alerts tab and create a new Stats notifications alert.

Following is a sample screenshot:

Email List Data Exports

All email lists (bounces, blocks, unsubscribes, spam reports and invalid emails) are all downloadable as text or CSV formatted files. You can find these lists under the Email List tab.

Bug Fixes

Fixed email frequency issue with our Email Alert System.

Fixed limitations when many custom tags are used with the Newsletter feature.

Fixed CSV upload bug in our Newsletter feature revolving around case sensitivity issues.

Crystal Ball

We are getting close to launching our new web site redesign, which includes a revamped admin interface, filter interface, documentation section, system status updates and this blog. Our main objective is to make it very easy to use our services while at the same time creating the foundation for planned expanded services and solutions (more on those later … stay tuned).

We love feedback, so we provide multiple means for you to interact with us:

  1. Drop us a note in the comments section below
  2. Share your ideas and/or add your vote to existing suggestions at our GetSatisfaction community
  3. Follow us on Twitter, where we provide service status updates in real-time. We differentiate our status tweets with the #status hashtag
  4. Alternatively, you can keep track of our service status at the status web page.
  5. “Like” us on Facebook. In the near future we will be focusing efforts on providing added value to our Facebook community
  6. Chat with us live by clicking the Live Chat button at our home page
  7. You can contact our support team via email at or at our Support portal where you can also browse through our FAQs

Elmer Thomas is SendGrid's Developer Experience Engineer. His mission is to help SendGrid live up to its slogan: "Email Delivery. Simplified" by improving the lives of developers, both internally and externally. Via all sorts of hackery, of course. Follow his exploits on Twitter and GitHub.