Navigating your way through the email marketing world can be overwhelming, especially as a new sender. With so many regulations to comply with and best practices to implement, we know how hard it can be to learn the ropes.

Enter our newest guide, Recess Rules of Email Marketing. We’ve broken down email marketing into simple terms: playground rules. Throw it back to grade school while brushing up on the latest best practices and concepts. Because doesn’t everyone need a little dose of nostalgia now and then?

After reading our guide, you’ll know more about the importance of:

  • Opt-in preference—How asking subscribers to “opt-in” to your emails will improve your campaign and sender reputation.
  • Growing your own list—Find out why it’s so important to grow contact lists from the ground up, and why you should avoid buying lists.
  • The apology email—Make a mistake? Learn how and when to send the perfect apology email to your subscribers.
  • A pre-send checklists—Check out how our simple checklists can help email marketers avoid making big mistakes.
  • List scrubbing—Deep dive into your contact lists and find out if you need to do any deep cleaning.

With so many terms, acronyms, rules, and regulations, email marketing can seem complicated. We at SendGrid believe it should be easy, and we’ve created our latest guide to give a fresh perspective on email marketing. Whether you’re a new sender, or just looking to keep things simple, our new guide will help you.

Download SendGrid’s Recess Rules of Email Marketing guide today!

Lauren Alworth
As a summer intern on the Content Marketing team at SendGrid, Lauren is slowly but surely getting her feet wet in the email marketing world. She studies Public Relations and English at Boston University. In her free time she can be found hiking, horseback riding, reading historical biographies, and using the Oxford comma.