Just in time for holiday sending season, we’re happy to share a few recent enhancements to Marketing Campaigns.

If you’re not sure what sets Marketing Campaigns apart from other ESPs, take a moment to watch this quick video which highlights key features like:

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use segmentation
  • A flexible campaign building interface
  • Actionable statistics and much more—all designed to help you increase retention and engagement with ease.

Below are a few of the recent enhancements we think you’ll love.

Get your emoji (and non-Latin characters) on 🙌

Emojis are fun for everyone in texts, social media, and chats. Some senders find that including them in email subject lines can actually drive increased open rates. Do some testing to see if your audience responds to this tactic. Our international senders can now count on all non-Latin characters to display correctly in subject lines, sender information, and content.

Track engagement (and take action) with ease

Considering how your recipients engaged (or haven’t) with a prior campaign is a great way to guide your strategy for the next message you send. This information can help you personalize the content you deliver to reflect a recipient’s behavior.

This quarter we’ve made it even easier to track user engagement by offering you a simple way to see who opened or clicked your emails, as well as a shortcut to creating a segment based on engagement.

Where’d I put that darn campaign?

We know how important it can be to review the stats or content of a campaign you may have sent weeks or months ago. But it’s not always easy to remember the exact name of the campaign, and you don’t want to waste precious time clicking through your entire campaign history.

To solve the problem, we’ve created new and improved tools for finding and managing your campaigns page. Search for a part of the name and we’ll show you everything that’s relevant to your search term, or filter by campaign status (sent, draft, etc.). The best part? Search speed is lightning-fast, with instant results as you type.

Speedier contact uploads

Marketing Campaigns has always offered quick CSV upload times, and with recent investments in our back-end infrastructure, we’ve gotten even speedier—average upload times are now nearly twice as fast.

Save time as you manage your email marketing program. Give it a try for yourself!

Molly Friederich
Molly Friederich is a part of the Product Marketing Team at SendGrid. As a passionate customer advocate, her goal is to help understand and represent the user voice across everything SendGrid does.