How many hackdays have you been to that include ziplining across 800 feet above a downtown parade? That’s how we kicked things off in Las Vegas for Recommerce Day, a hack event with a focus on retail and sponsored by a lot of great companies and API providers, including ZapposMashery, Twilio, Etsy, and Klout.

There were 19 incredible hacks presented and a lot of great prizes were given away.

The winner for Most Fun and Weird went to Rotten Huevos from @harmophone, a web app that uses the Rotten Tomatoes API to check the movie you’re about to watch, and then orders extra underwear via Manpacks if the movie is scary and might cause you to soil yourself.

The Best Mashup award went to Pik With Me, an iOS app that allows social garment selection. Users can search for garments via Zappos and Sierra Trading Post. They can then get feedback from their friends by inviting them to join in via Twitter, email, or SMS. Once connected, friends can suggest additional items which then show up on the paper doll and can be dragged around. Pik With Me was developed by @terencecarroll @renaun and @richardhoppes.

Best Overall went to 1st World Wants and Needs, a beautifully designed app that scraped Twitter for what people “want” and “need” and then provided links to items that might satisfy those demands. 1st World Wants and Needs was created by @shavonnahtiera @markjohnsoncc @mikebff and @markcicoria.

All in all it was a great event with a lot of great people, and we look forward to heading back soon!

Check out the photos and the relevant tweets on Storify!


Brandon West
As Director of Developer Relations for SendGrid, Brandon's focus is on empowering developers to build things, gathering feedback for new features and improvements, and fostering a cooperative developer community for anything that needs email integration.