The following is a guest post from Charly Omer, Founder and CEO of the real-time news monitoring tool FeedsAPI, a service to help journalists, editorial teams, and geeks monitor news source and fetch full text RSS feeds in real-time.

FeedsAPI is mainly a full text RSS feed and news-monitoring tool. It makes it exceptionally easy and simple for startup companies, developers, and RSS-reader users to turn shortened RSS feeds into full text RSS feeds. This helps people clean the clutter with online content. FeedsAPI will also help you track developing news stories via emails and push notifications in real-time.

Why Email?

A couple of weeks into studying the solutions to apply for real-time news delivery, emails emerged as the way to go and top priority, for the following reasons:

  • Everybody already has an email account
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s accessible from everywhere
  • It supports push notifications
  • It’s fast and very cost-effective

All of these arguments made it really easy for us to choose email as the first solution to implement.

To Buy or Build?

After picking email as our first solution, we had to decide whether to set up our own email servers with all the infrastructure and maintenance it comes with, or use an external service to help us.

Having your own SMTP servers generally means having a dedicated engineer to do all these tasks, mess around with things like DKIM, email signing, and SMTP – the job would require at least one person to be an expert in everything. Needless to say, we found it much better to only do things that we do best and use an external service to help us take care of our real-time emails alerts.

Why SendGrid?

SendGrid turns out to be very handy for us in the sense that the SMTP API integration is very easy and straightforward to implement. The X-SMTPAPI has made it easy for us to send reliable real-time emails to our users and groups of users with absolutely no delay, and no story has gone missing since we started using SendGrid. The use of SendGrid substitutions tags has helped deliver great user experiences for our users and automated a good chunk of our work for transactional emails within the system.

I think one of the main decisions a leader has to make is to hire the right people at the right place for the right job, so they do what they can do best. That’s why so many people opt for FeedsAPI. Our services are top-notch, delivering full news story content to companies in real-time. It’s just like the way SendGrid has functioned. We are devoted to help customers fix their full text RSS fetching and real-time news monitoring problems. I take pride in saying: SendGrid is the best hire I’ve done to fix our email delivery problem.

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