In June, we launched our Advanced Suppression Manager (ASM) within our new Customer Portal to enable your recipients to choose the mail they want to receive and to help our customers optimize their subscriber engagement via an email preference center.

The feedback has been wonderful, and our team has been diligently working on enhancements. Today, we’re excited to announce a change and a few new improvements.

New name

While ASM did a great job at managing suppressions, we’ve realized that this feature’s functionality is really more about subscribers and their experience. As of today, you will find ASM in the same place within our app, but will see that it is now called unsubscribe groups.

Customized preference center groups

You now have complete control over which groups appear in your email preference center. Simply assign a group as “default” and it will appear any time customers click through to your email preference center. All others will be hidden.

More unsubscribe groups

Do you have a lot of business units using SendGrid? Or do you have many different types of customers and targeted email? Today, you’ll notice that your unsubscribe group limit has increased to 200.

New substitution tags

Specify where and how your email preferences, unsubscribe group, and global unsubscribe links appear in your email via three new substitution tags. Should you choose not to use these, we’ll automatically insert these links at the bottom of the email as we’ve historically done.

To get started with these features, check out unsubscribe groups within your account.

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