Here at SendGrid, we love food. And though we haven’t done any thorough empirical research on the matter, we are pretty confident in stating we are not in the minority on this one. So, what better way to share a little newsletter email inspiration than with an email from Provisions by Food52 that’s focused on food?

Food52 is a company that has the simple and catchy manifesto (much like this email)  “How you eat is how you live.” From top to bottom this company guides the recipient through an experience that answers all their questions and concerns…and then gives a little more!


#1. What is this email about?

The playful heading catches the recipient’s eye and also gives an idea of what will be inside once they click.

#2. Who is this from?

We’ve all seen it. The reply-to address is when you receive marketing email. The problem with this is it does not invite any form of communication from the receiving party. Why wouldn’t you want to hear from your customers? By having the sender address as people know who the mail is coming from and feel invited to start a conversation.

#3. Which company is that again?

Right off the bat the brand is identified and the same style is maintained throughout the entire email. A well-designed, clean presentation establishes credibility with the recipient.

#4. I don’t want this product specifically…but I want to take a second look at that other collection featured last week!

The additional links at the top act as a directory to help the customer find what they are looking for. This is especially handy if the email does not address the recipient’s wants and needs directly. The header allows the recipient to follow their interests to relevant parts of the website.

#5. My eyes are looking and they are liking!

We are visual creatures. Show a beautiful picture of a product that your recipient is interested in with a simple and direct call to action, and you’ll more than likely get a click. Simplicity is key.

#6. You guys are pretty cool. How do I find you on social media?

Placing social media buttons encourages engagement with your brand through different channels. Also promoting a specific hashtag with your product is a genius way to help build a community. Including customers in your social media is always an awesome idea! Customers like to share their experiences and they can even offer a bonus: they could ultimately end up providing you with some beautiful material for future use cases.

#7. I enjoy these emails, but this volume is too much.

Every recipient is different. Your subscribers all have varying levels of engagement with your product which means that they will all have different wants as far as email frequency. Empower them to decide how often and when they want those emails coming in by offering a preference center like Provisions does here. Better that than making them entirely unsubscribe—or even worse hit that SPAM button.

#8. Why am I receiving this?

Provisions goes one step further in reminding the customer why they are receiving the email. Right at the bottom they state—“you signed up for our newsletter on our website”—this tells the customer they are receiving legitimate mail, that at one point, was wanted. This can also help impart a sense of responsibility on the consumer to take the necessary actions to change their preferences if they are unhappy.

Additional Ways to Optimize Your Marketing Email

While this email is great in many ways, there are a couple of things we would tweak to take it to the next level.

  • Provisions could consider some customization in their messaging: greeting by name, reference to the last item the recipient engaged with, etc. One way you can also customize your messaging is through segmenting your list of recipients by activity, demographics, or behavior.
  • Although we love the crisp, fresh images Provisions is using, it would be awesome to see a little more text in the body. Unfortunately emails with too high of an image to text ratio can be flagged as spam.

Otherwise this email is headed in the right direction, and we encourage you to follow suit!

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Kate Schmeisser
When Kate isn't trying to teach herself the ukelele, make it through the mountain of books on her nightstand, or figure out if they are actually being serious about suggested serving sizes on ice cream, she is the Creative Content Manager.