Web API or SMTP Relay: How Should You Send Your Email?

Ellie Johnson Product
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SendGrid’s Web API and SMTP Relay are the two primary methods of integrating with, and sending email through SendGrid. You can think of their differences like methods of delivering a package: you could send a package in the mail, or you could drive it to the destination yourself. While the methods of delivery are different, the end result is the … Read more ›

Using a Prototype as an API Product Specification


As the Developer Experience Product Manager at SendGrid, I am tasked with identifying opportunities, features, and products that involve our API. One thing I have been working on is identifying methods to make communicating my product ideas to the other PMs, Engineers, and customers more effective. I have learned that a monolithic Product Requirements Document (PRD) is a less than … Read more ›

SendGrid App Now Available on Google Play

SendGrid Android App

AndroidTM users, rejoice! Our SendGrid mobile app is now available on Google PlayTM. Perhaps no one is more excited about this news than our Product Manager, Keanon O’Keefe. Keanon helped with the release of our app for iPhone last year and, as an Android user, he couldn’t wait to access his SendGrid account from his own phone. To tell you … Read more ›

SendGrid: The Best Kept Secret in Email Marketing

Laurence Trifon Product
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Within the email industry, SendGrid is widely recognized as a leading transactional email provider (notifications, receipts, alerts, etc.). Our reputation around transactional email sometimes overshadows the fact that SendGrid also powers email marketing programs for many of the most sophisticated, highest-scale marketers in the world. In fact, more than half of the 22 billion emails we send each month are … Read more ›

Where to Find Answers to Your SendGrid Questions

Ellie Johnson Product

At SendGrid, we aim to have the best Customer Support in the email industry, but sometimes it’s just faster to find answers to your questions on our website and within our existing publications. Below, we’ve compiled the best places for you to look for answers to SendGrid-specific questions. Documentation If you haven’t already taken a look, the SendGrid Documentation is … Read more ›

New Year, New ESP: Change Doesn’t Need to Be Scary

Alyson Baber Product
new year

A lot of companies start a new (fiscal) year with resolutions: robust goals followed by excitement and motivation to kick it all off. There is thoughtful planning and time committed to making a new year successful. Oftentimes though, it’s the start that stops most people. Change can be hard, and the thought of overhauling something as foundational as your email … Read more ›

Don’t Let Your Credentials Get Stolen on GitHub

API Keys 1

GitHub and other cloud-based source control systems are awesome, and they’re extremely popular with our customers. The ease with which you can collaborate with developers across the cube or around the world is unparalleled. However, as public source control platforms like GitHub have risen to prominence, blackhats have taken note. When developers accidentally publish their secret keys to GitHub, bad … Read more ›