It’s that time of year again! Where every night means a different party, the kids remember at 9 PM they signed up to bring 24 cupcakes to class the next day, the list of gifts to be bought is growing, and that holiday ham isn’t going to cook itself. Holidays are amazing, but they undeniably deliver an additional layer of stress that can push people to the edge. By giving your subscribers an option to down-subscribe over the holidays, you can keep them on your list the rest of the year! Our Deliverability Consultant Luke Martinez explains in our latest Webcast Byte below:



The Anatomy of a “Down-Subscribe”

What does a down-subscribe look like? It’s essentially an additional check box you can place on your unsubscribe or email preference center page that allows users to opt-out of your holiday mail altogether. When subscribers choose this option, you’ll add them to your suppression list until January rolls around. Then after the holiday dust settles you can add them back into your regular sending list.

Exhausting your customers with too many holiday emails is never worth it, but this is a safe way to increase your sending volume (assuming you have more valuable content to share!) without losing people who dislike the increase in communication frequency.

In addition to a down-subscribe, you can also keep the traditional down-subscribe options to reduce communication frequency. For example, if you’re sending a daily update, give users an option to choose a weekly digest instead. Your preference center is a win-win because it puts the power of communication frequency in your subscribers hands–you still get to send them mail and they have a little more control over their inbox!

The other end to the down-subscribe is you need to keep your word. If someone chose to opt-out of your holiday mail then you may not send to them until January. Period! If they took the time to go in and choose a different email frequency, and you ignore it, it’s sending the message that you don’t care what they want. That’s a horrible message to send to your customer.

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Kate Schmeisser
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