This guest post comes from Bandsintown, the No. 1 concert discovery application.

Concert-goers are busy with their work and social life, making it hard to stay up on their favorite bands’ live performances. In fact, about 35% to 40% of seats go unsold every year, primarily because fans don’t know which artists are playing in their area. In live music, your most dedicated fans need you to find them, not the other way around.

We created Bandsintown to solve this problem, making sure you’d never miss another live show by your favorite artist, and personalized, geotargeted emails help drive this.

With fans’ permission, we aggregate what we like to call fans’ “Music DNA,” the artists we believe they love the most, based off their music activity on Facebook and services such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, Twitter and of course, Bandsintown itself. We also found that music fans prefer direct communication where the information is “pushed” to them rather than searching it out themselves – with email as one of the most effective communication tools to reach them across mobile and web, using SendGrid as our preferred vendor.

By combining fans’ Music DNA with a layer of data and analytics including location, we are able to make our concert emails so personal that they have become a core product of our service. We chose SendGrid because it has the most developer-friendly email platform, with sophisticated APIs that allow us to provide the level of personalization we need, as well as a highly scalable infrastructure and pricing model that has helped us grow elegantly from thousands of emails sent per month to dozens of millions today.

Every month, we send tens of millions of one-of-a-kind emails to our 10 million registered users, alerting them when their favorite artists are performing nearby and recommending new music and artists based on their Music DNA. No two emails we send are the same because no two music tastes are the same – each email is personalized for the location and band preferences of our users. Because we deliver timely, relevant, and customized information to our fans, our open rates are two to three times higher than what you would get from a typical email newsletter. Some of our fans even go so far as to take photos of their Bandsintown alerts, posting them on their favorite social network!


Recently, we expanded our services beyond artists and fans and started helping promoters with their event marketing. Bandsintown for Promoters allows anyone who needs to promote their live event to determine how many local concert-goers they can reach via Bandsintown, filter them by music taste, and put together a highly targeted campaign with the support of Bandsintown’s editorial and creative team. We believe that high editorial quality standards and relevant targeting will help our promoters communicate better, just like email personalization has proven to be a tremendous service to our fans.

If you’re a fan of live music or support local artists, get the Bandsintown app for free on FacebookiOSAndroidSpotify or Amazon Kindle.

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