When you think about email in your applications, chances are you first think of sending email. SendGrid has email deliverability covered. In addition to sending email through SendGrid, you can also receive it using the incoming Parse Webhook. Using this feature, you can make your applications interactive by inviting replies and reacting without the user necessarily even visiting your website or application.

Today we’ve launched the Parse Webhook Guide to help you take advantage of incoming email through SendGrid. It helps you understand how to receive email from both a technical and operational standpoint. Plus, we show examples of how the Parse Webhook is currently being used by customers, as well as fun projects developed by our team of evangelists.

Among the areas covered in this guide:

  • Common use cases for incoming email
  • How to allow SendGrid to receive email for your domain
  • A simple method to test any webhook, including the Parse Webhook
  • How this feature enabled a memorable 21st birthday for one young SendGrid employee

When we send personal emails, we usually expect a reply. Why can’t that be the case for email coming from your app? The Parse Webhook Guide can make email a two way street for your organization, with a good balance of practical tips and technical “show-how.”

Access the free download here: Parse Webhook Guide: Make Email a Two Way Street

SendGrid Team
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