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SendGrid Stocking Stuffer: Unread Mail Episodes 1-5

Email Marketing
Though the weather outside may be frightful, these first five Unread Mail episodes are completely delightful. These quick videos focused on a range of topics that all relate to email marketing. Before you cozy up and jump back into Stranger Things or Black Mirror on Netflix, why not binge watch a little email marketing content first? Your email program, and probably your subscribers, will thank you! Read More ›

Unread Mail – The Gift of the Email Preference Center

Email Marketing
email video blog
In today’s episode of Unread Mail, we’re talking about a tried and true email ally, the one we all know and love—the email preference center! Who doesn’t get a little bit tickled when they go to unsubscribe with a heavy heart (because you really did want their emails, they were just sending too much!), but light up to find that you can just choose to receive a weekly newsletter or only the sales announcement emails? Read More ›

SendGrid Stocking Stuffer: How to Re-invigorate Your Email Marketing Program

Email Marketing, Partnerships
stocking stuffer

The stocking stuffer I’d like to highlight today is a webcast that we released in the spring to help email marketers improve their campaigns. Spring Cleaning: How to Re-invigorate Your Email Marketing Program teams our in-house email experts, Erik Ault and Derek Baines, with our partner, BriteVerify’s Matt McFee, to help you make changes and improvements to your marketing emails. Throughout the helpful, 45-minute webcast, Erik, Derek, and Matt lean on their years of email experience to educate and inspire email marketers. Why this is a gift Even though this webcast was released in the spring, it’s important to re-examine your sending habits, strategies, and tools every few months to make sure your messages are engaging. This webcast is greatRead More ›