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The Scariest Email Costumes

Email Marketing
email video blog
Email generally isn’t a very scary topic, but dealing with a nasty spammer or having a close call with a malicious phisher can quickly make recipients feel differently. Occasionally people with bad intentions use email as their tool for deceit, which means it’s up to good senders to ensure their mail doesn’t give their recipients or inbox providers the wrong impression.Listen in to the video below as Warren and I discuss spam and phish–what they are, what they typically look like, and how to keep your mail from being mistaken as one of them. Read More ›

Improve Email Deliverability and Drive Business Value With SendGrid’s Expert Services

email delivery services
Sending large volumes of transactional and marketing email that is not only engaging, but that also reaches the inbox is hard. Many things can go wrong based on the complex email ecosystem puzzle. (Here is a handy infographic that highlights the complexity of the email ecosystem). To better address our customers’ unique sending needs, today we are proud to announce our new SendGrid Expert Service offerings to help our customers optimize their email sending practices and drive their business. As email volumes grow and as businesses mature, we realize that every customer’s email strategy is unique. Read More ›

How We Use to Test 233 API Endpoints in Seconds

Product, Technical
testing API endpoints
SendGrid actively supports SDKs across 7 programming languages, with each of these SDKs supporting 233 API calls. We needed a way to test each endpoint, ensuring we don’t break basic usability while rapidly evolving our code base to support all of our new v3 APIs, without creating custom mocking code in each testing framework. made this extremely easy with its Prism mock server, giving us a Swagger/OAI-driven mocked version of the SendGrid API server. In this post, we will describe the specific workflows that allow us to test all of our endpoint interfaces in seconds rather than minutes. Read More ›