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Email Marketing Mistakes – Q&A Part I

Best Practices

Last Thursday we hosted a webcast Email Marketing Mistakes with our internal email marketing team, Jill Guest and Matt Rushing. We discussed common email marketing mistakes made, how to mitigate damages, and reviewed our pre-send checklist. Since we weren’t able to get to all of our questions in our live Q&A at the end, I grabbed Jill Guest to help me answer the first … Read more ›

Announcing Our New Application Pigeon Interface

Steve Sloan Product
Application Pigeon Interface

As a leading communication platform, we at SendGrid are committed to offering new and innovative ways for our clients to reach their customers. By taking our expertise at delivering email and expanding that functionality into all forms of mail, we are proud to announce an exciting new API: Application Pigeon Interface With this API, customers will now have the ability … Read more ›

Open Source Library Data Collector

open source

If you are supporting and maintaining public facing code, gathering data regarding the usage of that code can help with planning future improvements by highlighting priorities, and reporting the return on investment (ROI) of your projects. You will find the software described in this post especially useful if your code is hosted on GitHub and you use package managers for … Read more ›

Free Email Marketing Templates

Best Practices
Nurture Example - Orange

We want to help marketers send wanted, beautiful, and engaging emails, which is why we’re releasing five free, responsive email marketing templates today! The templates we’ve included will suit a range of needs—from newsletters to sales announcements, we’ve got your back. If you’re an existing customer, the great news is these templates are pre-loaded into your Marketing Campaigns account. You … Read more ›

Introducing IP Access Management

IP Access Management

A few months ago, we introduced API key permissions to limit access and minimize risk of compromised credentials to your SendGrid account. This is just one of several security features we have launched over the past year. Today, we are taking our dedication to security one step further with IP Access Management. Also called IP whitelisting within the industry, this … Read more ›

Targeted Email Marketing: Finding Your Personalization Sweet Spot

Best Practices
targeted email marketing

I recently had the chance to speak with Josh Bland from Technology Advice on his B2B Nation podcast. We chatted about targeted email marketing and how to create value in your customer communications using SendGrid’s sending mantra of sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time, with the right frequency. Finding the perfect balance of sending personalized messages … Read more ›

Gmail DMARC Update 2016

Best Practices

If you’ve been keeping up with news in the email world, you’ve probably heard some of the chatter around Gmail’s upcoming DMARC changes. For most senders, this change will have little or no impact on their day to day sending. For others, it will require a little effort to avoid serious interruption. Either way, it’s worth understanding exactly what changes … Read more ›

SendGrid is Now Available in Google Cloud Launcher

Community, Partnerships

SendGrid is happy to announce its availability in Google Cloud Launcher, a marketplace that enables Google Cloud Platform users to explore, launch, and manage powerful solutions and services. Google Cloud Platform offers computing, storage, and application services for your web, mobile, and backend solutions. Google Cloud Platform and SendGrid have collaborated for a number of years, but this update provides … Read more ›

What Should Be Your #1 Focus To Achieve Great Email Deliverability? Our Experts Weigh In.

Best Practices
email deliverability

Last week, we published our post 5 Deliverability Tips from SendGrid Experts. Today, we have a continuation of that post, and a few more takeaways from Luke Martinez, Deliverability Consultant, and Taylor Ferguson, Associate Delivery Consultant. Below, Luke and Taylor talk about what they think companies should focus on when it comes to email deliverability, and some of the changes … Read more ›

Yahoo DMARC Update

Best Practices

You may already know that has a DMARC policy in place that prevents mail with in the from address from being delivered if it is sent from outside Yahoo’s infrastructure. Yahoo is expanding this policy to their lower-volume Yahoo international domains below on Mar 28, 2016. The list of domains that will become unusable is as follows:   … Read more ›

5 Email Deliverability Tips from SendGrid Experts

Best Practices
email deliverability
We recently published SendGrid’s 2016 Email Deliverability Guide that was written by two of our in-house Delivery Consultants: Luke Martinez and Taylor Ferguson. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you check it out. In this post, they’ve answered a few questions about common email misconceptions and what they look at when evaluating customer email programs: ... Read more ›

Email’s a Stage: A Look Behind The Curtain of Your Email Program

Jacob Hansen Best Practices, Email Marketing
Email's a Stage
After a busy February that included a conference focused on reducing email abuse, teaching an “email delivery bootcamp” class at SendGrid, and delivering a few successful onsite delivery consulting sessions with clients, I was reminded that the terminology and overall larger ideas of email and delivery best practices aren’t so easily understood. What really seemed to stick throughout these different engagements was an analogy of how the world of email is closely related to that of a live theater setting. All pieces of an email program, similar to the pieces of a great show, must all be in proper working order to get the best desired result. ... Read more ›