Can’t Stay Out of the Spam Folder?


There is nothing more frustrating than being accused of something you’re not. So if you’re not sending spam, but keep ending up in the spam folder, we hear your pain and want to help! Even the smartest, best-intentioned senders can get caught in a dreadful spam trap or forget to whitelabel, so don’t beat yourself […]

My Email is Sending Spam! Now what?

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my email is sending spam

From Inbox to the Spam Folder My email is sending spam! It’s the bane of any email campaign. Whether you’ve just started to send email, or you’re sending millions of emails each month, it’s never a good thing for messages to end up in the spam folder. If you’ve noticed more and more instances where […]

Canadian Anti-Spam Law: What You Need to Know

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Do you send email to Canadian recipients? If so, new legislation called the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) affects you. CASL will go into effect on July 1, 2014 as a way to deter spammers from targeting Canadians and to provide law enforcement better ways for stopping those malicious senders. CASL requires senders to implement changes to […]

Check Spam Using the Parse Webhook


One of my favorite parts of SendGrid is our Parse Webhook. It’s a great tool that enables your applications to receive incoming email. One of the lesser known features of the API is the spam_report and spam_score parameters. Every time your application receives an email through the Parse Webhook, SendGrid uses SpamAssassin and generates a […]

Learn How To Stay Out of the Spam Folder in 90 Seconds!

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As SendGrid Developer Evangelist, Elmer Thomas says “If your email doesn’t make it to the inbox, you are talking to yourself. Not cool.” Every email you send has to contend with the dreaded spam folder and sadly, 1/5 of them lose the battle. What kind of email are we talking about? Confirmations, reminders, shipping notifications, […]

10 Tips to Keep Email Out of the Spam Folder

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At SendGrid, we are very serious about email deliverability. We live and breathe it each day. Similar to how Google keeps adjusting its search algorithm to provide the best results, we must also regularly adjust to ensure your non-spam email gets delivered. In this post, we offer advice to help you make sure that your […]