Release Notes – Features and Bug Fixes – September 3, 2010

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These efforts are all geared towards providing greater transparency and enhanced customer support. If you want to provide feedback (which we love), scroll down to the end of this post for several options.
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SendGrid: One Year Young

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Today we take a moment to recognize the completion of our company’s first year in business and, more importantly, show our appreciation to those who made it possible.

Last August, our three co-founders officially “graduated” from the TechStars – Boulder class of 2009.  Last week, a new crop of companies emerged from the stage of the Boulder Theater – ready to take on the world.

As those 11 companies look forward to their first and formative years of operation, we look back – and in doing so, we feel very fortunate that we not only “survived”, but performed very well against our long list of company goals.

Some major milestones:

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How To Track Your Emails Using Google Analytics

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Google Analytics ( GA ) is a great free resource to stay on top of your website’s performance, but did you know that GA is also useful for monitoring your outbound emails? In this post we show you how to use GA to gain statistical insight into your outgoing emails. If you are a SendGrid user, you will also learn how to use our REST API along with our free GA filter to simplify the process.

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We’ve delivered more than 2 billion emails

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TechCrunch says we have delivered a Bajillion emails … close … actually, we have now delivered more than 2 Billion emails!

This has all been made possible by the 8,000+ awesome companies that have used our service and by putting together a phenomenal team. In the last few months we went from a team of 5, to a team of 18 and growing (we are hiring).

Our engineering team has adopted an awesome development process to produce higher quality software, with key feedback from companies like TwilioGetSatisfactionGnip, and SimpleGeo. Thanks guys! Meanwhile, our support team keeps rocking, they even help debug code on a Saturday night!

In addition to growing our team and enhancing our systems & processes, we have been expanding our feature set, mostly thanks to some great suggestions from our growing community. Friday was a particularly exciting day for us, just as we broke a milestone of achieving over 20 Million emails processed in a single day, we released the following features:

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Ready to make a difference? SendGrid is hiring!

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SendGrid is a cloud based service that delivers emails on behalf of companies to increase their email deliverability.  We have also developed a platform that solves many of the current email problems and flexible enough for other companies to plug in functionality to solve future problems.  SendGrid has been growing really fast after launch and […]

How SendGrid Found the SpamAssassin Y2K10 Rule Bug

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One of the many things SendGrid does on the backend to determine if a user is having deliverability problems is scan the content through multiple enterprise spam filters multiple times per day for every user.  Some of the filters include Postini, CloudMark, Brightmail, IronPort, Barracuda, Mail Foundry, and SpamAssassin.  These filters are additional filters from our delivery monitory to ISPs such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL.  In the last couple of days we noticed that a lot of legitimate emails were triggering the SpamAssassin filter.  The following shows how our graph looks like: Read More ›

Joe Scharf Joins SendGrid

Carly Brantz Company

We are very happy to have Joe Scharf join our team.  Joe has tremendous technical experience as well as business development experience having degrees in Computer Science, Electrical Engineer, and an MBA.  Joe will wear many hats in the team so don’t be surprised if you see him all over the place.  Joe will help […]

Categories of Email Statistics

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Different types of emails vary in interest to users.  Emails such as shipping alerts, forum notifications, and account confirmations are well received by users and hardly generate any complaints since users already expect these emails.  On the other hand, unexpected emails such as certain newsletters, or email invitations from contact imports on sites such as […]