Email Metrics That Matter

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We’ve been talking a lot about metrics lately. Over the last few weeks, we explained all the major metrics that companies use to gauge customer engagement (clicks, opens, etc.) and some other metrics that result from ISP requirements and other various reasons (bounces, blocks, etc.). **Note, we also updated Part 2 of our series of […]

Win Tickets to Inbox Love for Your Startup!


Inbox Love is a new conference from the folks at 500 Startups (Dave McClure, et al). It is keenly focused on the email industry and will explore intriguing topics related to “The Future of the Inbox.” We are really excited to be part of this unique event, and, as a sponsor, we’ve been given the privilege of inviting a few startups to join us…for free!

In order to select the lucky winners, we have decided to run a little contest that will (a) attract new feature ideas for our service and (b) gather stories about cool ways our customers are using our technology.

Want to get in on the action? Here’s what you need to do:

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SendGrid Customer Support: More of a Good Thing!

Carly Brantz Company

Announcing Extended Customer Support Hours.

For months, we’ve gathered feedback and observed the usage patterns of our rapidly growing customer base. Today, we’re happy to announce what you’ve been asking for: extended, full-service technical support hours!

Our new hours are 7am to 7pm MST, Monday through Friday.

Our users are often vocal about their experiences with our support team, as you can see from these comments from Seivan and Stephen:

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Understanding Email Metrics

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As we all know, email delivery is challenging in and of itself. However, once an email leaves your application, server, or mail client, you quickly encounter another obstacle: understanding what actually happens to that message. There are several different metrics that the average company should consider tracking in order to gain useful insight and produce educated business decisions.
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A word from your friends at SendGrid


We’ve heard the news, read the blogs and monitored the tweets. And as the thoughts, reactions, and sentiments roll in, we’re plugging away at what we do on a daily basis: delivering on the future of email. Since our launch more than a year ago, our premium service has helped thousands of companies solve some very difficult email problems and saved those companies countless hours and dollars along the way.

We’re very proud of our approach to email delivery and the premium service we provide to businesses in need of email help. If you’re not totally familiar with what SendGrid does, consider this a quick refresher. Or, if you’re interested in understanding more about the future of email, please read on.
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Email Activity Search Now Live!

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We are excited to announce that you can get specific data regarding each email you send through the SendGrid service by using our new Email Activity search feature. The short video below provides a demonstration of the feature in action and instructions on how you can start using it today. We love your feedback, so […]

Release Notes – Features and Bug Fixes – December 2, 2010


Welcome back! We have been working hard to deliver new innovations and enhancements – all backed by a solid foundation. In the past month we have added more developers and QA staff to help us provide you with the best possible product, service and support. In this post we’ll discuss newly released features, recently squashed bugs and the status on upcoming features.

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So, you have an email list…now what?

Best Practices

We recently received a request for guidance from a friend of the company. In hindsight, it was clear that the specific situation related to this request and the resulting conversation would be valuable content for others, so we’ve decided to share the discussion here on our blog. The following is taken directly from the email thread between SendGrid and the marketer who desperately wanted to abide by CAN-SPAM laws while also maximizing their potential return on investment.

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Release Notes – Features and Bug Fixes – November 12, 2010


As you can see by one of our recent posts, we’ve been busy here at SendGrid. In this post we’ll share what has been going on in the development side of the house, such as some recently added features, bug fixes and then we’ll take out our crystal ball to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming around the corner. As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback, so if you wish to share your thoughts with us, we’ve put together a list of ways you can collaborate with us at the end of the post. Read More ›