So, you have an email list…now what?

Best Practices

We recently received a request for guidance from a friend of the company. In hindsight, it was clear that the specific situation related to this request and the resulting conversation would be valuable content for others, so we’ve decided to share the discussion here on our blog. The following is taken directly from the email thread between SendGrid and the marketer who desperately wanted to abide by CAN-SPAM laws while also maximizing their potential return on investment.

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Release Notes – Features and Bug Fixes – November 12, 2010


As you can see by one of our recent posts, we’ve been busy here at SendGrid. In this post we’ll share what has been going on in the development side of the house, such as some recently added features, bug fixes and then we’ll take out our crystal ball to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming around the corner. As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback, so if you wish to share your thoughts with us, we’ve put together a list of ways you can collaborate with us at the end of the post. Read More ›

Conferences, Trade Shows, Hackdays, Oh My!

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At SendGrid, we’ve been busy hitting the proverbial pavement and spreading the word about who we are and how we help companies grow and succeed. We thought it was worth taking a moment to reflect on the cool events we’ve been a part of in the past month or so, as well as those that are approaching in the coming months.

And don’t worry – we’re keeping some developers in the office to continue improving the product and some support staff on hand to answer your questions.
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Why the Redesign?

Today, we are very excited to release to the public our all-new site design. We’ve been working hard to roll this out, and it feels good to finally set it free into the wild. Over the last year, we’ve collected significant feedback from our users in regards to the UX/UI aspect of the site, which we have used to guide our efforts with this release. We would like to continue this collaborative effort, so please give us your feedback by clicking the tab on the right side of each page.

A BIG Thanks

This was made possible by countless hours spent by a number of amazing people, including: our kick-ass engineering team, our designer, and an awesome outside firm called Soft Facade. We couldn’t be more proud of what that the team has accomplished, and we thank everyone involved for their hard work.

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SendGrid & Friends Host API Hackday – SF – Oct 24


On October 24, the party is at Twilio HQ in San Francisco. We are co-hosting an all-day hackday with a number of other startups, including SimpleGeo, Twilio, Apigee, and Mashery.

The event is free, with plenty of beer and food to go with the plethora of APIs … thanks to the support of these super sponsors: Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Media Temple, and Microsoft.

Visit for full details and to register today!

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Release Notes – Features and Bug Fixes – September 3, 2010

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Welcome back! Reminder: if you wish to subscribe only to release notes on this blog, you can subscribe using this RSS feed. For real-time updates and system status, you can follow our Twitter feed or our centralized status page [RSS].

These efforts are all geared towards providing greater transparency and enhanced customer support. If you want to provide feedback (which we love), scroll down to the end of this post for several options.
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