Newsletter Screen ShotsI’m very pleased to announce that SendGrid is preparing to release a new version of our Newsletter application!  The culmination of months of work, this new version has been given a major upgrade.

We’ve listened to your feedback and made of number of improvements to the usability of the application while adding on a few useful features.  Pre-built and designed templates, content re-use, improved A/B testing, SPAM scoring, and a more powerful and easier to use WSIWYG editor are all included in the new version.

We are currently seeking customers who are interested in participating in a beta program of the new application.   If you’re interested in accessing all of these exciting new features before the rest, please contact me at and we’ll provide you with access to the new version.

Brian is SendGrid's Product Manager. He has over a decade of experience in SW Development, Productions/Ops, and Product Management.