In this week’s edition of the SendGrid blog, we’ll provide a mixture of technical release notes and general updates on what we’ve been up to and where you might see us next – both on- and off- line.


Email Activity Search

Last week we published a dedicated post for this awesome new feature, but we wanted to mention it once more just in case any of our readers missed the news. With this tool, users can search specific emails sent to an particular email address or domain and view if it was delivered, if it was opened, if a link within the email was clicked, or other message status data such as bounces, blocks, or spam reports.

Web API for Blocked Email

SendGrid users can now access their list(s) of blocked emails via our REST API. We’ve added thorough documentation to illustrate the various related API calls and their associated parameters, as well as examples of each call.

Updated Event Notification App

You may notice that the Event Notification feature is now configurable from the App section in your SendGrid account. This feature allows customers to get event notifications for every event on our system, including deliveries, deferrals, and drops (among others) and lets users easily select each event for which they would like to be notified. Final documentation is forthcoming, and we’ll let you know when it is ready. We think this will make the user experience much more optimal.
Here are a few screenshots to illustrate this update:

Bug Fixes

Subscription Tracking App clarified

Previously, when configuring the subscription tracking app, we had failed to communicate to the user important instructions to add the <% %> placeholders. This piece of the app’s settings is much more clear now.


Now that we have our developers up to speed, it’s time to share our less technical newsworthy items.

SendGrid in RackSpace Cloud Tools

We’re excited to announce that we are now included among many other awesome applications in the RackSpace Cloud Tools marketplace. Want to know more? Read all about it in our guest blog post.

SendGrid on BeanSprout

This week we were lucky enough to be invited to take part in BeanSprout‘s Web host Showcase webinar. We had a great time participating and are very grateful for the opportunity – thanks, @BnSprt! In case you missed it, check out the recording or view the slides.

SendGrid on SitePoint

SitePoint really knows how to spread the holiday spirit. Just like last December, they’re offering 24 Deals in 24 Days. With 16 of those days already passed, make sure to tune in and take advantage of the super deal on a SendGrid Basic plan. Visit their site or sign up for their email reminders to stay informed on how to get ours and other services at special discounts.

Upcoming Events

We’re currently enjoying a little break from traveling to conferences, trade shows, and hackdays over the last several months. But, once we round the corner of the new year, we’ll be right back at it. Some of the events that are already on deck in January and February include:

SF Beta
The 21st MAAWG Meeting
Inbox Love

We hope to see you on the road!

Well, that wraps up our news for this installment. Remember to provide feedback or simply join the discussion by leaving a comment below, following and @ replying us on Twitter, engaging in our community, or Liking us on Facebook.

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