Earlier this year, our support incubator team released our new Deliverability Center. We set out to start capturing a definitive list of bounce reasons and their respective solutions to help our customers solve deliverability issues. Since then, we’ve seen a ton of people visiting and submitting new bounce reasons for us to help with. We’re very pleased with the adoption so far!

Behind the scenes, we have a team of support agents and developers committed to making this tool the best it can be. Keep on submitting your bounce reason codes, and we’ll continue to dish out answers. Now, we’re going one step further and bolstering the Deliverability Center to make it your go-to resource when it comes to troubleshooting email issues, as well as issues with your SendGrid account.

We’re happy to announce the following new features to our customer-focused Deliverability Center!

New Notification Platform: The info you need, when you need it.

  • Provide up to 5 email addresses to receive important notifications. We’ll send you what you need to know, be it a decline in your account’s performance or an invalid DNS record. We’ll be adding even more types of notifications in future releases!

Email Deliverability: Helping you identify and solve issues

  • Statistics Healthcheck: See how your daily sending metrics stack up with similar days.
  • Real Time DNS Validation: Did you update your whitelabel settings or fix a failed CNAME? Check it on the spot!
  • Top Delivery Issues Today: See the top 5 delivery issues your account is experiencing, be it deferrals, blocks by an ESP, or bounces.
  • Delivery Assessment (coming soon): Take a quick questionnaire and get focused recommendations and solutions from our team.

We think that these new features will cut down a great deal of potential heartache surrounding your email deliverability. With the ability to be notified, and see how you’re sending historically, you’ll have the insight to make the best email decisions possible.

Check out these new features in our Deliverability Center here.

SendGrid Team
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