We are extremely pleased to announce the release of a new SendGrid feature that allows administrators to create and manage additional user access to SendGrid features. Having “MultiAuth” or multiple credentials provides multiple users the ability to send messages without requiring access to the administrator’s credentials.

The primary SendGrid account holder can now assign one of three rights to each credential they create:

–          Send Email: Allows the subuser account to send email through the account.

–          API Access: Allows the subuser to utilize all SendGrid APIs.

–          Dashboard: Allows the subuser to administer the account using the web based console.

This feature considerably increases the security of your account by keeping passwords safe and protecting your integration from others changing the account password inadvertently   It also provides administrators with greater oversight of the account as a whole by allowing to segment by role and giving the admin the discretion  to determine what each user can access.

We’re committed to making continued feature and performance improvements to SendGrid in order to ensure a great user experience.  We believe that this feature is an important step to strengthen the system as a whole.  For more documentation on using the multiple user credentials, go to:


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