As a marketer, managing the numerous channels you’re responsible for is likely one of your biggest challenges. You may be juggling upwards of 20, 30, or even 40 different marketing products in your stack.

That’s a lot to handle.

Today, Twilio SendGrid is announcing a giant step towards our vision to alleviate some of that stress by offering a way to orchestrate marketing campaigns across multiple channels into one flawless, cohesive experience for prospects and customers.

Best of all, this is built on our well-loved, elegant email marketing solution, Marketing Campaigns, which powers targeted, one-time campaigns as well as automated emails and drip series. By combining email marketing plus display advertising in one platform, marketers can use ads to get more out of email, and use email to get more out of ads.

Marketers using Twilio SendGrid can start creating ad campaigns directly within their email marketing workflow. For example:

  • Create Facebook and Instagram lead ad campaigns that capture customer information directly within the ad, without requiring navigating to an additional sign up form, and feed that new customer information directly into a Marketing Campaigns contact database.
  • Target people on an existing email contact list who, for example, have shown interest in a product or offer promoted in an email campaign, with display ads on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  • Find new potential customers by creating a lookalike ad campaign targeting people who have similar characteristics to an email contact list, like people who receive a newsletter.
  • Retarget visitors to a website using Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display Ads.

This is the first step in Twilio SendGrid’s vision of creating a single solution to serve the myriad needs of marketers. The addition of Ads provides a unified view of customers and a way to streamline content creation. All with the aim of helping them efficiently craft compelling cross-channel experiences for their customers.

These integrated workflows are available now in limited release. For more information, please head over to the multichannel Marketing Campaigns page and sign up to be notified when they are generally available.

Ben Blackmer
Ben Blackmer is the Senior Product Marketing Manager on SendGrid Ads. Ben started out working for digital advertising agencies in Chicago, IL and Durham, NC before founding Are You A Human, an advertising technology firm focused on human verification online. He has run advertising programs for companies like Macy’s, Kellogg’s, and Qwest Communications. Ben holds degrees in Economics from NYU and an MBA from the University of Michigan.