Over the past few years, the proliferation of mobile devices has provided marketers with a unique set of challenges, not the least of which is ensuring a seamless experience for users engaging with their email content on their phones or tablets.

Marketers can now maximize engagement by streamlining their SendGrid email to their mobile app experience, with Branch’s implementation of SendGrid’s universal links.

Then and Now

Mobile phone operating systems allow web and email links to become deep or universal links. However, many email service providers use domain redirection for click tracking, which breaks the desired app linking behavior. Marketers have been faced with a tough choice of either sending recipients to their mobile app, or tracking the performance of their email programs–but not both.

Because mobile apps typically provide 20% higher engagement than the mobile-web, marketers have been willing to sacrifice click-through tracking in order to drive users to their apps and capture that engagement.

With SendGrid’s universal links you no longer have to make this difficult choice, your links can now be tracked and provide deep linking functionality! Branch, the market leader in deep linking, with over 16,000 apps using its SDK, makes the implementation process easy by automatically converting any links within SendGrid templates into Branch contextual deep links.

“Your users love your mobile app, and it shows,” says Kirill Popov, Product Management Director at SendGrid. “They use your app more frequently and for longer than your mobile or desktop sites; send them there as much as possible. SendGrid universal links give your users the seamless experience they expect.”

Instacart Delivers Results

Instacart, the grocery delivery service with a popular mobile app, sees 70% of their SendGrid emails are opened on mobile devices. Instacart knew that finding a solution that would send their email recipients directly to their mobile app could have an incredible revenue impact. With Branch’s implementation of SendGrid’s universal links, Instacart can now send users who have the app, directly to a specific product. With universal links, Instacart now sees an increase in users who open the app from an email making a purchase!

Don’t miss out on creating a seamless user experience with Branch and SendGrid! Contact your account manager or SendGrid’s Partner Team and set up universal links today to provide seamless experiences for your users and capture their engagement in your highest performing platform! And for more information on optimizing your email marketing program, check out SendGrid’s Interactive A-Z Marketing Guide.

Elliot has been working in the digital marketing space for the past eight years and now leads SendGrid’s Business Development and Partner Ecosystem efforts. He and his team are focused on building relationships with best-of-breed technology partners and solution providers. Their goal is to grow a comprehensive ecosystem of partners and integrations that enable our customers to enhance and optimize their use of the SendGrid platform.