“With SendGrid, we can focus on our core product because we know that once we hand it off to SendGrid, the process will be flawless and our emails will get delivered.” —Paul Reinarz, CEO

Rezora is a multichannel digital marketing platform for large sales and marketing organizations based out of Boulder, CO. Rezora enables collaborative marketing across complementary marketing channels, helps expand digital marketing reach, and provides personalized content and data solutions specific to your industry and audience.

Specializing in companies that have a large, distributed sales force where marketing wants to communicate and run campaigns with key prospects on behalf of their sales agents, Rezora relies on email as a core component of their offering.

Backend Email Infrastructure and Whitelabeling

To power their platform, Rezora needed an email delivery solution that could effectively plug into their software, scale up as the company grew, and eliminate the need for them to manage their email system. In particular, they needed a provider that was focused on providing OEM solutions (backend email infrastructure and services that can be whitelabeled on behalf of a client who offers email as a service) rather than a frontend WYSIWYG provider designed for sending broadcast marketing email.

Fortunately, SendGrid offers just that. (For specific details on this partnership, read our How to Be a Marketing Solutions Partner guide.)

In addition to using SendGrid to power their email on the backend, Rezora uses three SendGrid APIs to provide data and analytics to their clients and to bolster their business intelligence capabilities:

To learn details about how Rezora employs these tools to send approximately four million emails per month (over 10x their original email volume after graduating from TechStars alongside SendGrid) on behalf of their clients, read their full case study here.

Jillian Smith
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