Sometimes the best way to learn is by example. That’s why we like to occasionally highlight transactional and marketing emails that we’ve received and tell you what we think. We’re strong believers in humor and winback campaigns here at SendGrid and we luckily found an email that combines the two!

Winback campaigns are an important player in keeping your lists up to date. They help confirm whether unengaged users would like to remain on your list, or be removed. A good way to identify who is engaging (clicking, opening, etc.) with your emails is through SendGrid’s Event Webhook. It reveals a treasure trove of information about your list that can help you identify areas for improvement in your targeting and messaging. Remember, you always want to be sending emails to those who want to receive them–sending relevant, anticipated, and quality messages is key!

Let’s take a look at the email below from cosmetic retailer, LUSH.

  • Engaging Subject Line: The copy reads “We Miss You!” This endearing phrase gets straight to the point and shows that LUSH wants to re-establish the relationship they once had with the customer.
  • Fun, Edgy Copy: Connecting the message and tone of you brand goes a long way to building consistency with your customers. Here, LUSH makes the content interesting by employing smart, fun copy to let Kevin know what he’s been missing. However, we’d suggest that they also take the opportunity to remind Kevin why he originally subscribed to their list in the first place. Showcasing a couple of new items based on his past purchase behavior would also be a great way to make the copy more personalized and to drive home Lush’s value proposition. A win-win!
  • Winback: To take this winback opportunity full circle, LUSH could ask Kevin for permission to either have them continue sending emails to him, or to have him unsubscribed. This would require Kevin to take action and would help LUSH keep their list as strong as possible. Remember, it’s always better to send to fewer people who all want to receive your messages than to more people who don’t. Quality over quantity always wins in email marketing.
  • Strong imagery: The imagery in this email elicits an emotional response. It put a smile on our face right away. We love it.
  • Call to action: Almost anywhere you click on this email will lead you to the main LUSH website and they strongly promote their social networks–a great tactic to keep your customers engaged with your brand. But if we want one big closing CTA, again we think asking to confirm that Kevin wants to stay on the mailing list would be a great way to bring this email full circle.


LUSH gets us smiling from the get go with this email. The imagery and copy is fun and enticing and LUSH really relies on their own value to woo customers back.  We also really love their unsubscribe message which reads, “We think you’re great, but if you need a little time apart from us, you can click here to unsubscribe.” So, to make this a true winback campaign, why not move that sentiment up into the main copy to let Kevin know that you care about whether or not he still wants to receive your messages or not? Providing the opportunity to unsubscribe may seem counterintuitive, but it goes a long way towards customer experience.

Thanks to LUSH for providing us with this fun email and kudos to them on keeping things funny and fresh.

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