Need a little email inspiration? Learning from your peers can be the best education. Here is a great example of a marketing email from Twitter that follows key best practices. We’ve included a brief breakdown of why we like it, what we think could be improved, and our final verdict.

What Works:

In an effort to alert the public to their new business program, Twitter sent promotional email to their user base inviting them to start advertising. The clear call to action backed by testimonials makes a powerful statement about proof of concept. The subject line: “@karen, gain more followers by advertising on Twitter” is echoed in the copy and drives home the benefit Twitter advertising can provide businesses.

Two clear “start advertising” buttons also make it easy for the customer to engage with one click. Twitter’s messaging is concise and doesn’t require a lot of scroll and their recognizable branding is also on clear display.

What Could Be Improved:

Not much! They could consider segmenting testimonials by audience, so that you only see like businesses, but now we’re being picky!

The Verdict:

This email is great. It’s short, showcases a clear benefit, and provides proof of concept. Well done!

If you like what you see here and want to incorporate some of these marketing email best practices into your transactional email, check out our free webcast: Shades of Gray: Incorporating Marketing into Transactional Email.

Carly Brantz
With more than 15 years of experience, Carly Brantz is an email deliverability and inbound marketing veteran. As the VP of Revenue Marketing at SendGrid, Carly empowers her team to transform marketing from a cost center to a revenue generator. With a key focus on funnel optimization, Carly leads the team responsible for content creation, lead nurturing, SEO/SEM, and website optimization. An accomplished speaker, Carly shares her email delivery and revenue marketing tactics as a headline speaker on SendGrid’s international roadshow as well as other Marketing conferences.