Spring is here, and it’s a perfect time of year to revitalize and give your transactional and marketing email program a boost. To help you do just this, we’ve freshened up one of our top best practice guides: Marketing and Transactional Email: How to Build an Integrated Program.

The updated guide brings you all the latest information, best practices, tips, and some refreshing (and effective) transactional and marketing email examples.

Why you need to this guide in your life

Transactional and marketing email each fill a specific and important space in the email world that can help you meet key marketing and business goals. Marketing email primarily tries to acquire, retain, and engage users. Transactional email facilitates a form of transaction among the recipient and email sender.

Marketing and Transactional: How to Build an Integrated Program breaks down the key differences between the two forms of email even further but also explains how both types of email can work together to build a powerful program.

The guide also includes a comprehensive explanation and new industry developments regarding:

  • Key email best practices and how they differ from marketing and transactional that will ensure delivery and response from your email
  • Samples of marketing and transactional emails from companies that get it right
  • Why Gmail’s promotional tabs and Apple’s iOS update are both wins for email marketers
  • Why it pays to be a good steward of the email world
  • And much more!

What isn’t new for email this year? Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools available to digital marketers across all industries and company size. Maximize that value by investing in the time to optimize your entire email program. We truly believe it’s worth it.

Ready to dive in? Download the guide now.

As a senior content marketing manager at SendGrid, Kelsey oversees the SendGrid Delivery blog. Her downtime is dominated by either her mountain bike or skis (depending on current weather forecast)–and mixing up a salty marg afterward.