Do you find yourself maintaining open source projects? Do you by any chance get amazing contributions? I do. All the time. My job is to make developers’ lives easier and one of the ways I do so is developing and maintaining some of the libraries we provide our developers. One day, the awesome Nick Quinloon sent an email containing this: And thats how ContriBot was born! ContriBot makes it super easy to do my job. At SendGrid we receive pull requests frequently, and ContriBot is always there to help us reward those amazing contributors. Developers highly appreciate it when you go the extra mile to reward them. ContriBot was originally written in NodeJS (…in a not so sober state of mind). Now it’s written in Go. There is a simple plug-in system that anyone can contribute to. Currently there is support for Basecamp, email, and HipChat. But the possibilities are unlimited. If you run open source projects, you can use ContriBot too! Join me in making developers’ lives easier. Did you know SendGrid has a lot of open source projects? In fact we even open sourced our documentation to make it easy for our customers to identify and contribute areas of improvement.

SendGrid Team
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