We’re pleased to announce our latest partnership with Jelastic. Jelastic is a leading Platform-as-Infrastructure (PaI) provider that combines the flexibility of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and the ease of use of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) within a single turnkey platform, at a fraction of the cost of existing virtualized environments. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Jelastic, enables enterprises and hosting service providers to unleash the full potential of the cloud.

Benefits of Partnership

Jelastic offers developers compatibility with any existing applications, simplified and automated installation and configuration, automated vertical scalability, and wide support for a variety of popular application servers and databases. Jelastic’s user interface allows developers to choose from major software stacks and set up an auto-scaling cloud environment, all within seconds.

With SendGrid powering email on Jelastic’s platform, developers will now have access to a cloud-based email infrastructure with flexible APIs for easy integration into your applications to provide reliable email delivery, scalability, and real-time analytics. We’re excited to be teaming with Jelastic to provide developers with an efficient process to easily deploy, run, and scale their applications.

Getting Started

We’ve created two tutorials—one using Java and one using PHP—to get started using SendGrid and Jelastic together.

  • Getting started with Java, we’ve used NetBeans IDE to create a simple Spring application to send email notifications that we’ll deploy on Jelastic’s platform.
  • In our PHP tutorial, we’ve created a PHP application to send email through SendGrid and deploy an application on Jelastic.

These are simple examples that can be expanded as needed by your own application. We hope these help you enjoy the great benefits of this new partnership.

Erika Berkland is the Partner Marketing Manager at SendGrid. Her background is in both emerging technology and global corporations where she thrives in working with partners to deliver impactful and measurable marketing programs. Outside of SendGrid, Erika enjoys spending time outdoors with all the great activities Colorado has to offer.