Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work innovating how our customers engage and work with their SendGrid accounts. Today, we’re happy to announce that a new generation of the SendGrid Customer Portal is available for customers to try in beta.

This optional, early-stage version of the new SendGrid Customer Portal provides SendGrid users with an improved user experience and interface consistency.


Moving forward, this new SendGrid environment will be the place to find new products, features, and enhancements. Log into the beta to find announcements every few weeks!

To try the SendGrid Customer Portal beta, log into SendGrid and click on the banner at the top of the page. Once in beta, click on the “BETA” link in the header to easily switch back to the classic portal at anytime.

We’re Proud to Announce: Unsubscribe Groups

With the launch of the new SendGrid Customer Portal, we’ve included another beta feature: unsubscribe groups.

With unsubscribe groups, we’re allowing our customers to give their recipients the option to selectively manage the types of emails they want to receive, rather than globally opting out of all emails. Recipients will have the ability to “re-subscribe” to groups they have previously opted out of.

Unsubscribe groups allows SendGrid customers to set up suppression groups that establish email types for their recipients (e.g. social notifications, daily digests, and alerts). For SendGrid customers, this will create opportunity for improved engagement and sending reputation.

To access unsubscribe groups, click on the Suppressions icon within the SendGrid Customer Portal and review our API documentation for more information. Unsubscribe groups is not currently available for our Newsletter or Marketing Email editor users, however we are working hard to make it available for you soon.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about unsubscribe groups and SendGrid’s new look. Please let us know through the feedback link within the beta.

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