The birth of a new logo is a signal to the market, a moment in time that represents something larger for a company’s brand. It would be easy to mistake it as a simple design exercise to refresh a brand’s look and feel, to make it more modern or hip. Granted, this is sometimes the reality, but oftentimes a new logo tells an important story about where a company is in their lifecycle. They may be attempting to attract new audiences or shed an old stereotype. They might be merging with another brand or trying to clarify their position in the market.

No matter the goal, a new logo for a company is typically more than what it seems. Which begs the question…what’s the backstory on SendGrid’s new corporate identity?

Reflecting SendGrid’s Story

It’s pretty simple really. Evolution and maturation as a market-leading SaaS communication platform provider, continued global expansion and most importantly, impressive growth as we win new customers and introduce new innovation to our existing customers.

SendGrid has grown significantly since we were a 15-person startup in Boulder, CO focused on creating the best cloud-based API email service for developers. We are now 300 people, headquartered in Denver, sending over 26B emails every month, with a robust communication platform that enables everyone in your organization from developers to marketers to send emails via an API or an easy-to-use UI toolset. So we felt it was time the SendGrid brand and experience reflect who we are and more importantly who we serve today. With all of that in mind, it was time for a redesign.

To Outsource or Do It Ourselves?

We were immediately faced with  the question, “who’s going to do this?” Most companies choose to use an outside agency to lead them through the concepting, design, and execution of their new look. After much consideration, we went the other way and looked in-house to our Manager of Creative, Evan Huwa. Our brand is so ingrained in our culture and employee personality, that we felt it would be nearly impossible for an external design team to do it justice. From there it was simple. We set an unrealistic timeline, gave Evan a long list of requirements, and threw endless “great ideas” at him.

Our Goal? Amplify Where SendGrid Is Going.

We wanted a new identity that reflected the modern, high-growth SaaS company we’ve become, yet had some “connective tissue” to the mobius strip of our old logo (which offers a nice inference to our ability to endlessly deliver messages to the inbox for our clients, day in and day out). We also wanted our new mark to reflect the one-to-many nature of our communication platform, as well as emphasize and amplify the incredible scale of the “messaging grid” that we operate and maintain in the marketplace.

Ultimately, we wanted to signal to the market SendGrid’s unique and dominant position as the premiere email infrastructure and marketing solution for our 80K+ clients around the world–and work as we evolve our offerings as a company over time. (We also incorporated a nice “wink and a nod” to One SendGrid around the globe by making the “i” in Grid reflect a #1.)

Several months later, we’re proud to introduce the new SendGrid logo to the world. Beginning with our updated website and new logo, we will continue to evolve the look, feel, and messaging of SendGrid to reflect the tens of of thousands of customers who use us every day. Stay tuned for more!


Scott Heimes
Chief Marketing Officer

Expert advice and insight about all things email including best practices tips, examples, and advice for marketers, developers, and everyone in between.