Here at SendGrid we strive to not only help people send quality emails, but to teach and assist them in fostering good, intelligent sending habits. A major theme we see from a support standpoint is the need to regularly update recipient lists. As senders experience bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports, they should be purging their sending lists of these to make sure they are only sending to their usable contacts. In an effort to satisfy this need, our support team has created a new SendGrid feature to help you manage your lists. We are proud to introduce the new SendGrid List Assist Tool.

This easy to use tool allows any registered SendGrid user to upload their master recipient list and select which unusable emails (bounces, unsubscribes, etc.) they want to have removed. The List Assist tool then purges your list of the selected fields leaving the user with an updated, usable, recipient list.  The resulting list can then be substituted for the list currently in use by your system to help promote better sending habits and allow you to maintain better sending lists.

Using this new feature is very easy as well. Once you go into the feature’s UI you are guided through a 6 step process of logging in, selecting which fields to update your list against, and finally our system emailing this new, updated list to you. We have also created a new VidGrid video tutorial on this feature which can be found here.

SendGrid support is always trying to meet our customer’s needs by releasing tools we feel are important for fostering good sending habits in our customers. This is just one of the recent tools our awesome support team has released. The List Assist app has come out shortly after our unveiling of the open source SendGrid EventKit and the mail script building Code Workshop.

If when using any of these features you experience any issues, feel free to contact our support team and we will be happy to help.

Ryan is a support engineer based in Boulder, CO whose mission is to make other tech junkies' lives easier and to change the way people think about support organizations. He enjoys highlighting the relationships between SendGrid and our partners and resellers and staying on top of emerging technologies.