One thing I’ve noticed during my time here at SendGrid is how something so vital can be, at times, overlooked. We have a lot of customers who start off small with us and grow huge. It’s really fun to be a part of their growth and even better to help them overcome some major issues that email senders face. Without an email provider like SendGrid, companies face several major pitfalls sending email at large volume. As these customers grow we get to help them scale very easily and worry-free.

Sending email at scale is risky business. Your company depends on this crucial (and typically primary) method of communication, and deliverability issue have a real impact on revenue. Recent studies* have shown that more than 20% of email goes undelivered. It is less apparent at low volume the true cost of maintaining good deliverability at scale. As email volume increases, that 20% accounts for more and more lost revenue and work is required to maintain a good sending reputation.

Delivery isn’t the only thing to consider when sending at scale. As traffic increases so does the need for resources to manage the infrastructure. It is costly to dedicate valuable team resources to maintaining email deliverability, often times these scarce resources would be better focused elsewhere.

Oftentimes these costs go unnoticed until too late. Once a company reaches the point where they notice problems, they have already lost some opportunities. To help illustrate these points we put together this simple infographic to help show how these costs increase as volume increase. And, for more information on the decision to Build vs. Buy, download our new study today.


Transcript of Infographic

Via SendGrid: Understanding the costs of email infrastructure

To build or buy? That is the question.

Before you decide whether to build your own email infrastructure or to use a cloud based provider; it is important to know the costs associated with managing your own infrastructure.

As your email volume grows, so do the associated costs for upkeep, servers, email experts and staff. Additionally, high volume senders are always a red flag to ISPs and typically email deliverability drops as volume increases.

  • With 20% of email going undelivered, the cost of maintaining your own email infrastructure has ROI implications for your email program.
  • Although IT budgets are on the rise, only 26% plan to hire IT staff – a decrease of 31% from a year ago.
  • Today, Gartner forecasts overall cloud growth to reach $10.5 billion in 2014

The email delivery platform of choice for 100,000 web application companies and developers, including foursquare, Pinterest, Airbnb, Twilio, Spotify and Pandora, SendGrid delivers more than 7 billion emails per month.

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