Happy Grasshopper is an automated email marketing platform that enables businesses and entrepreneurs to convert more leads, increase referrals, and meet their customer recruiting goals through an optimized email follow-up process.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customer since its founding in 2010, Happy Grasshopper has used SendGrid to deliver marketing emails on behalf of thousands of clients in the US and Canada. These communications include:

  • Email nurture or “keep-in-touch message” campaigns for maintaining contact with a client’s list of customers and prospects.
  • Customized new client acquisition campaigns to facilitate client recruiting and business growth goals.

According to Celeste Grupman, co-founder of Happy Grasshopper, “We are committed to working with smart partners to make sure our clients get the most out of our application. Connecting with SendGrid means that we’re connecting with the best minds in the industry.”

Identifying DMARC Problems & Solutions

Happy Grasshopper realized that many ISPs have implemented, or are the process of implementing, a DMARC strict policy to better protect sender domain reputations. Because this change could place many of Happy Grasshopper’s clients personal email domain reputations at risk, the team realized it had to address this issue but wasn’t sure of the extent or the severity this issue would have upon its clients.

Happy Grasshopper contacted SendGrid’s Email Delivery Services team to receive advice on how to manage these changes. During the consulting engagement, SendGrid found that 862 Happy Grasshopper clients were currently violating the new DMARC policy and suggested those senders move to their own sending domain that they control.

“Having an information resource on the policy change was really important to us,” said Celeste. “We chose to invest in SendGrid’s Email Delivery Consulting Services to ensure we were up to speed on the DMARC policy changes and what changes we should implement… This wouldn’t have been something we could have read or found out on our own.”

Using SendGrid Experts to Build a Better Segmentation Model

Happy Grasshopper was also experiencing a drop in its inbox delivery rate, and was having difficulty identifying which clients were impacting this drop. SendGrid’s Email Delivery Service consultants provided a new subpool management strategy using SendGrid’s Event Webhook to better segment their “bad” senders who are affecting other senders sharing their domain.

Armed with these strategies, Happy Grasshopper is achieving the following rates:

  • 96.7% Delivery
  • 44.5% Open
  • 0.8% Unsub

The Bottom Line

According to Celeste,” The plans and strategies provided from the consulting session were easily digestible and helpful. If you’re engaging with SendGrid as a OEM, especially as long as I have, you’ve probably been praying for something like Email Delivery Services for years and are ecstatic this is finally available…I will pay someone for the opportunity to talk about this!”

SendGrid is a perfect match for Happy Grasshopper’s marketing email because it’s smart, data-driven, and delivery-focused.

To learn more, download the PDF of How Happy Grasshopper Optimized their Email Marketing Program with SendGrid Expert Services.

Jessy Sweet
Jessy Sweet is a product marketing associate at SendGrid, working cross-functionally to launch products and drive adoption for our Expert Services product line. She's also a big fan of classic literature, drawing, home-brewing beer, and tacos – in no particular order.